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05/23/2020 04:43 PM 

collection of poems.

they say it takes
three weeks to break
a habit, but it’s been
fourteen, and
i don’t know
how to give you up-
how to break myself
away from the
addictiveness of your
lustful words and
gentle touch.
you’ve been flowing
through my veins
since the moment
we met, and the
intoxication seeps
further into my soul,
pushing past all
fears and doubts
that stand in the way.
you draw me in
deeper with each kiss,
each brush of the hand,
each ‘i need you tonight’.
how do i say no,
when all i want is to
feel entangled in your skin?

your voice plays
over and over
like a lullaby in the
late hours of the night.
soft and delicate
whispers of admiration
echo off of my ear drums,
as your lips brush
against the softness
of my skin.
i never thought i was
beautiful until i heard
you tell me how pretty
i look with your
hand wrapped around
my neck, or when
you look up at me
from in between the
depths of my thighs,
your eyes sparkling
in the moonlight as
your tongue draws
pictures against
my warmth, our own
version of music
filling the room
around us.
you’ve become
my favorite bedtime song, one
that i hope to sing
over and over.

free bird.

i know that you
have to spread
your wings to find
your own happiness;
you look for ways
to cope with the 
things that keep
you up at night.
i wait up, too -
hoping that
just maybe you’ll 
come back and 
tell me you love me.
some days you 
answer my calls,
some days are
radio silent.
but i still have
hope. hope that
one day you’ll
remember how
happy we can be,
lying together wrapped
up in each other’s 
love. but until then,
i'll support your
journey, and when you
feel like coming back,
my wings will surround
you, and my embrace
will feel like home.

3 A.M.

I was never a church pew
on a sunday kind of girl;
Heavy breaths fill my lungs,

sounds of love exhaling as
fingers entwine in dark locks. 
desperate lips beg for more, 
keep going,  please don’t stop’.
your hands pull me in closer,
desperate to send me over the edge
and i go willingly.
the only time i praise god,
is when i’m with you.

In Bloom
I wasn’t one to sit around
and wait for the flowers 
to fully bloom.
I’d pick the leaves from
their stems, rip them up
from the soil, and pray that
I’d still find a beautiful rose
waiting for me when i returned.
I was in a rush;
I was afraid of missing
golden opportunities, still
budding with potential.
I was afraid of losing out
on all the world had to offer me.
I had a garden full
of hopes and dreams, 
watered daily by the thoughts
of a brighter future.
but i still wasn’t happy.
Time and time again,
I picked the flowers before
they were able to fully expose
their beautiful secrets, their
hidden truths, their priceless
And in return, I was left
with heartache and unfulfilled
Until one day, I learned to trust
the divine timing of it all.
I continue to water my garden
affirmations of love and hope.
Of gratitude for what is already mine,
and for what will be mine in time.
My garden has never been
so full of life and prosperity
until now.

your fingers brush against
the inner depths of my thighs,
your demeanor changing with
every movement,
every pass of your lips.
you want control -
over me, over my body, 
over my heart.
in this moment,
i belong to you;
every breath, every whimper
that escapes my red lips
is a vow of possession.
your name echoes 
across the white walls as
my hands pull for more,
while yours eagerly push me
closer and closer 
to the ledge.
you whisper sweet, sweet
promises of sending me 
into my own version
of heaven, and soon
enough, i’m home.



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