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April 25th, 2020

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March 31, 2020



04/07/2020 05:06 PM 

A Sweet Dream



"Last night I managed to sleep well though and it produced a wonderful dream. It was sort of Lord of the Rings meets the Chronicles of Narnia. Stop laughing! The strange thing about the dream was that towards the end it felt so familiar as if I dreamt Part 1 of the dream before.  In this dream I went from present day to a Narnia like world minus talking animals and Orcs. I did have some sort of powers though which were pretty cool. Anyway so I returned to this world to meet up with my husband, or at least I think he was. Either way there was this connection and deep love between us. The best part of it is this guy looked a lot like Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen). It was him meets Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes).  I traveled into this hotel with 2 present day friends in search of him. I knew he was in some kind of trouble and once he realized I came back he was upset because he was worried that I'd be captured or hurt.  I insisted that I came back to help him because it was my place to be along his side. He knew better than to fight that and so I traveled with him to a dark, abandoned castle.  This is where it starts feeling familiar. The moment we walk into the castle I realize it is our castle but for some reason it was taken over by some dark, evil spirit. He took me back outside and pleaded for me to return to the hotel to ensure that my friends were ok. I resisted but in the end agreed and let him go off into battle with some others.

I returned to the castle at night and it was illuminated with bright lights. Beside me was a crowd, all looking up at the castle in awe. It was clear that they won the battle. My family even came up from behind me. I was astonished to see them there because they never believed in this part of my life until now. After a moment a guard comes up to me and says that I can enter and so I did with my family in tow. They were all mesmerized by how beautiful it was inside. I looked around but I was looking for "him". I started going up the stairs and this is where it all felt familiar to me again. I walk straight into this room where there was a large plasma screen (a large plasma screen in Narnia world- oooook) and started talking to it. I was thanking God for restoring good into the castle and around. (And I swear it was the voice of Liam Neeson because he does the voice of Aslan in the Chronicles). He spoke to me for a little bit and said that he hoped the family enjoyed the time in the castle. Then they walked in and he stopped talking so we all went to the balcony that was to the side and looked below. It was all present day people. They waved and I stood there confused because if I was in present day time then that meant 'he' wasn't around.  My family continued to walk around and I went back to the screen to talk to the voice. I wanted to know where he was...if he would appear to me like he had before (referring to Part 1 because apparently this was what always happened)  The voice didn't answer so I returned to the courtyard beside the balcony to see if he would appear to me. I looked at some statues to see if they'd transform and nothing. I closed my eyes to remember what had happened last time. (Part 1) I had returned to the courtyard the way I had just done and then turned to see him standing there. He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. I waited a second and opened my eyes, calling out for him but he wasn't there.

And theeeen my mother woke me up and I was so mad because I didn't finish my dream lol. I tried going back to sleep to get back into it and couldn't. "


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