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04/06/2020 08:33 PM 

RP Bucket List

The Bucket List is a collection of RP ideas I would like to do.

Body Swap: Through reasons unknown--or rather TBD--bodies are swapped, Emma in your character's body and vice versa. Foreign body, foreign powers (or the absence of), etc.

Time Travel: Travel back (or forward) in time, Ancient Rome (ancient anything, really), the roaring 20s, a generation into the future, etc.

Dystonian AU: DOFP, Thunderdome, some sort of variation there of; just gritty and violent with an lack of technology, electricity, running water, and the sort.

Lesser Known X-Villains/Plots Left Unfinished: U-Men, Neos, MLF, Sublime; remember in UCX (Quarantine story arc, #500-ish) with the mutant power inhaler?

Alternate Universe: HOM, DOFP, some original variation from the traditional characterization.

The Brood: The poorly concealed plagiarized Marvel version of Xenomorphs, just roll with it.

Fairy Tales: In an early issue of UCX, Kitty tells young Illyana a fairy tale version of the Dark Phoenix Saga, but with a happy ending. The Blackbird is a dragon, Xavier is a sorcerer on a flying carpet, etc. That sort of thing.

An AvX that doesn't suck: Some of both parties get Phoenix powers and thus the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' isn't so clear? Can you see Captain Phoenix or Iron Phoenix? Xavier doesn't magically have psi-blades? No dreadful mischaracterization of the Phoenix Force. >__> And, forever, f*** Scarlet "No More Mutants" Bit--opps, Witch.

Holiday Themed SL: Whether something spooky this way comes for Halloween or a bachelor/bacherlorette auction for Valentine's Day, just something centered around a special time of year.

Astral Plain: Some sort of combat, rescue, telepathic healing session, just something that takes our characters into the astral plain. If the thought of that seems a little intimidating, how about some dream walking?

Run For Your Life!: Does 'The Most Dangerous Game' sound familiar? Variation to the theme would be something gladiatorial in nature.

School Field Trip: As you might guess, some students of the Xavier Institute go on a field trip. And, naturally, chaos ensues.


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