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May 26th, 2020

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03/27/2020 12:38 PM 

Numbered Questions

1. A memory from your character’s childhood – Barmaid
There isn’t much I remember about my childhood since it didn’t last that long. I remember the pain of growing too fast at an alarming speed, but I am sure that was not what this question is asking for. So, I will share with you, my dear fiancée, the story of how me and Emilia met. It was early in my time at hell: I was about 6 or so in mortal years. I was being bullied. Just because Asmodeus is famous down in Hell did not mean I was pervious to being bullied. Emilia jumped in and kicked everyone’s ass: in the end she looked at me, grinned and asked me out for ice cream. She was older than me at the time so if we were in the mortal world, she would have been labeled something not so pleasant. It’s nothing real special but it is a nice memory: about the time I got my one and only friend

6. Something that makes your character angry – Demented Queen
It takes a lot to get me angry. I can be very patient. I learned quickly that everyone loves a reaction. It’s why we have bullies in the world: and even in hell but that was not the question here. Something that makes me angry. Being taken for granted, being taken as the fool or the idiot. I do not like people underestimating me. I’m short and in a female body but I can hang with the big boys. It makes me angry when I see others being picked on for any sort of reason.

10. Something that turns your character on – Barmaid
Do we really want to let others see my answer for this, my dear fiancée? Well since you asked then I guess that means virgin ears and eyes should not listen nor look. I have quite a few things that turn me on. Your smile is a very big turn on. The way you laugh. Hell, you know better then anyone that just looking at you turns me the f*** on. I always have to taste you afterwards.

14. Describe your character’s present best friend. Asked by Demented Queen
How do I describe my best friend. The woman who has been by my side through thick and thin the second I met her? She’s crazy as f***! Will kill anyone who so much as looks at me sideways or does me any sort of harm. She’s cool, got terrible taste in make-up, the best person to go to for advice because it always ends up fun in the end. She’s quick to the punchline and takes absolutely NO sh*t from anyone. I can go to my best friend for everything. She never judges. Will always ask me if I want her to kill them (even if it’s my own fiancée that hurts me). She loves messing around to the point that sometimes she does not know when to stop. I have had to jump into a lot of fights to save her behind, but she makes it up to me with a food binge night and movies. The fiancée is jealous of her which Emilia just absolutely loves to mess with. Those two in the same room when Emilia is pushing things too far is NOT a pretty sight. But overall, my best friend despite being crazy, and a bit of a bitch sometimes is one of the best things to happen to me and I would NOT trade her for the world, Heaven or Hell. I will kick anyone’s ass for her, and she will do the same for me.

16. What your character does on a day off – Barmaid
This you already know. But since you asked, I will let everyone else know. I set my alarm for 5 in the morning. I wake up my adorably grumpy girlfriend for coffee and toast. I get dressed in running clothes and do my morning stretches to get ready for the run, then I go out when I hear Jade announce that coffee and toast is done: still very much grumpy. I finish those off and head out for my run around the block. I head to the Gym after my run where I spent about two hours doing whatever suits my fancy at the time then head home. By that time my fiancée is ready to really join the living. She starts breakfast the moment I step into the apartment and is done almost as soon as my after-work out shower is done. We eat breakfast together, sometimes with Alister and sometimes not: depends on if he has spent the night with Jett or came home. I either take a nap after my tedious work out or sit in front of the TV playing video games or watching Netflix. Either way Jade comes and sits with me: doing her books for Hex. Or trying to. She usually get distracted by whatever I am watching, or I distract her on purpose. If I distract her on purpose and no one is home, then everyone knows what we get up to. If Alister is there we will be good boys and girls because we wouldn’t want to traumatize out dear son. My days off usually consist of relaxing and just being plain lazy because my days of work takes a lot out of me: blood, sweat and tears, quite literally.


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