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03/27/2020 12:01 PM 

Have you been drinking? You look terrible

Prompt: Have you been drinking. You look terrible
Features: Barmaid and Morningstar
What had Jade been thinking? Why would Jade do something so wrong. No not wrong. Wrong wasn’t the right word. How could she think what she did was right in any way, shape or form. She hadn’t been thinking of nothing but her own selfishness. She had made a decision that took two people and made it into a decision only she had the right to. What the f*** had Jade been thinking?
That morning had started off as normal. Julian had gotten up at 5:00am. He woke up Jade, who went into the kitchen and started a cup of coffee while Julian got ready for his run. He did a few stretches to loosen his body. The smell of coffee had him pausing. That was enough stretching for him. He walked out of their shared room and into the kitchen where Jade -still half asleep- was holding a cup of coffee for herself, slowly sipping at it. Julian’s cup sat on the counter in easy reach of the man as he walked by. He grabbed the cup, leaning against the counter. Jade was slowly looking more and more like she was awake instead of like the living dead. Toast popped up in the toaster and with one hand holding his cup of coffee, Julian reached for the toast. It was never a good idea to run on an empty stomach so something small was always needed before his morning run. He finished the piece of toast and coffee before kissing Jade goodbye as he left the house for his run.

When he left that morning, he did not think he would come back to what he came back to. After his run, he went to the gym and then headed home once he had gotten enough exercise for the day. Today he didn’t have to go meet up with Alissa, so he went straight home. Entering the apartment, he almost didn’t see Jade on the couch. He waved at her as he went into the bathroom to take a shower. He turned on the shower before standing in front of the mirror. Because of the sweat that had been pouring down, his face felt dirty and his hair was sticking to his forehead. He shook his head, pushing off of the sink he had been leaning against and got undressed. First came off the shirt, followed by his binder, then the bottom half before he was stepping into the scalding hot water. To him it felt nice. To anyone else it would feel like their skin was burning off.

He stood under the running water, letting it soothe the aches in his body before he was washing his hair out with shampoo and conditioner. Once he felt that he was as clean as he was going to get, Julian cut off the water and stepped out of the shower and onto the bathroom mat that Jade just had to get because it was so cute. That girl and things she thought was cute that she just had to buy when in reality they were ugly. Julian never told her that…. that would be a fight. A stupid one that Julian wanted to avoid at all cost. He wrapped the towel around him and walked into their bedroom, going straight for the closet. Today would be an easy day. One filled with either him and Jade cuddling on the couch, binge watching Netflix, or it would have them doing other things that would make a virgin blush if they ever knew. Putting on some pants and a shirt, he walked into the living room, drying his hair. “Julian.” His name escaping Jade’s lips, had him frowning. He did not like that tone of voice. “Please sit down.”

He narrowed his eyes before shrugging and complying with her. “What’s up?” Jade wasn’t looking at him and she was fiddling with something behind her back. What was it that had Jade so nervous….so scared. “Hey Jade…. What’s wrong?” Finally Jade looked up at him, her facial expressions one of nervousness before she straightened her back and spoke. “There is something I want to tell you. To show you.” With that she pulled what was behind, “I’m pregnant.” In her hands she was holding a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test which read positive. Julian could feel the anger bubbling in his chest. The body he was in was definitely female despite him using male pronouns when talking about himself. Females could not get pregnant by females. They could only get pregnant by males. Which meant Jade either cheated on him or did something much worst. “Julian?” His simple name finally had him jumping up from the couch, away from Jade: swinging around to face her, fire in his eyes. They flashed red with anger before he spoke, “Who did you f***?” Jade looked taken aback, angry and even a little scared. “What?” “Do NOT what me. This body is female…. YOU are female. How the f*** are you pregnant?” Jade shook her head, “No no no. I did not have sex with anyone else. Mother…. Mother helped me. She got a shaman and…well you know the rest.”

A shaman got her pregnant. Julian raked his mind for what spell was capable of that and right now came up with nothing because of how angry he was. Julian growled, turned on his heels and stalked into the bedroom. “Julian? Where are you going?” Jade followed him into the room, watching as he stripped off his pjs. “Away from you! I cannot believe you! You never even thought of me while you were being selfish. What if I didn’t want a child?” Julian put on his binder, grabbing pants to jerk them up over his hips. “Oh right. No one cares what Julian wants right? It’s all about what Jade wants.” He jerked a Metallica shirt over his head, thrusting his arms through the sleeves. “Julian.” Jade grabbed his arm, her voice trembling. Julian jerked his arm away and stalked out of the room. “Julian!” Ignoring her cry, he stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him. He didn’t know where he was going. His mind was blank. Eventually he came to at the bar that resided in the hotel.

It was nothing too fancy and it was quiet compared to other bars. Only a few people came here. And today Julian was one of those people. He took a seat at the bar, greeting the bartender with a nod before asking for a bottle of Jack Daniels and a glass. The man looked at him with an arched brow. It wasn’t often anyone asked for just a whole bottle of any type of alcohol, but he didn’t ask. He just left the bottle there and went back to what he had been doing before: wiping glasses, mingling with the few others that were there. He poured himself a glass, slamming it down before pouring another. One drink led into another and another until the bottle was half-finished. He heard the stool beside him being pulled out before a body found its home perched atop the stool. “Have you been drinking? You look terrible.” The familiar tone of the man who had rescued him from death on the streets, had him turning slightly to look. There beside him set Lucifer. One of the two men that Julian owed his life to. Julian arched a brow, lifting the bottle up slightly “Oh I don’t know. What does it look like to you?” “Watch that tone, Julian.”

Julian huffed, going back to his drink, “It’s not like I can get drunk: my two conflicting sides won’t let me.” Lucifer had been the one who taught Julian to hide the angelic grace that resided in his body: him and Asmodeus was the only two who knew about the angel part inside of him. “Although I sure as f*** am trying.” “What’s wrong?” Julian slammed back the glass, slightly whining when Lucifer took the bottle from him and put it out of reach. “I asked you what was wrong. Don’t ignore me.” The tone in Lucifer’s voice had Julian slumping against the counter. “Jade is pregnant.” “Oh…congratulations.” “No not congratulations. She went behind my back and had a shaman impregnate her. She didn’t care about me. Just herself.” Lucifer was quiet for a moment before talking, “Well…I can see why you are angry. Did you talk to her about it or did you storm out?” The look on Julian’s face had Lucifer thumping him on the head: not too hard but not soft either.

“You idiot! She might have been foolish by not asking you first, but you don’t just walk out on someone.” Julian glared, “How am I in the wrong for being angry?” “Did I say you were in the wrong for being angry? I don’t believe those such words came out of my mouth. I said you were an idiot for storming out.” Julian looked away, “I couldn’t stay there. I wanted to say so many things. Things that would have destroyed Jade. I needed to leave.” “No…. You needed to get your anger out and not suppress it. It might have hurt Jade but getting it out there and off your chest is better then not doing that.” Julian arched a brow, looking back at him “Look at you. Giving relationship advice. I’m going to have to thank Fletcher next time I see him. Making an honest man out of you and everything.” Julian laughed at Lucifer, thumping him on the back as he jumped off the stool. Normally he would fake being drunk for the mortals in the room, but he needed to get back to Jade. She was in the wrong for making a two-person decision into only her decision, but it was too late to back out. He was going to be a father. “Thank Luci!” “That’s Lucifer to you!”


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