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03/26/2020 01:41 AM 

TEA TIME [rules]
Category: Guidelines


Short and sweet, hopefully.

Won't go into too much detail with this cause OOC isn't why I'm here and no one wants to read my rambling about myself. I'm over eighteen and I'm from the UK. I'm a friendly admin so no need to be scared for an OOC chat, always like meeting new people. I can't be here 24/7; health issues and what not affect my muse sometimes, so please be patient with me. I also have two other accounts. I take Wednesday's & part of Thursday's off for personal time - due to the current situation, I'm able to be here most days.


My character is Jefferson / Mad Hatter from Once Upon a Time. Whilst his story is somewhat much the same (show and graphic novel) with some added twists, my faceclaim is different. Using Mr Benedict Samuel who plays the Mad Hatter in Gotham because he fits so well. I will sometimes use Sebastian Stan at times, however, I haven't really seen season 6 or 7. I've seen bits or pieces though and know the general direction of the story. I am not new to playing Jefferson either, used to play him for a long time on Facebook.


Open to everything, Disney is the most obvious due to being a fairytale character.


Should be self explanitory but let's not have drama over here. The world is crazy enough without starting stuff online. Keep it to storylines please.


Mains / Relationships
I'm not exclusive when it comes to mains. I do like the idea of having main people I talk to on a regular basis, however, I don't discriminate towards the people who also write as a main of mine, I'll chat to everyone regardless. When it comes to relationships for Jefferson, I'm a single love interest account unless I change my mind. I don't really have preferences for him, he's open to all genders really.


Mature / NSFW
Not that I make a point in writing it, I don't really write smut cause of personal reasons, I can attempt it but it's never detailed so if that's why you're here, you'll be disapointed.


As stated previously, give me practically anything. I prefer discussions rather than random roleplays.


I do all my writing via messages. It helps me keep track of everything going in and out. I prefer to write in paragraphs to multi paragraphs. With that said, I'm adaptable to other people's writing styles - I just can't write novella unless it's for myself or a drabble etc. I couldn't care less about grammar, we all make mistakes but as long as you can keep the storyline going, it's more than perfect. Honestly. I just enjoy reading and roleplaying too much to notice anyway.


Thank you for reading, I appreciate it.
Happy writing!


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