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02/17/2020 12:01 PM 

How to be successful In The Group.

Be successful in the group

Here are some ways to be successful in the group.

Always get your points every month- There are tons of ways to get points if you look in the points blog. This will also make sure you are active. If you are inactive for 5 days you will be cut from the group. So, please don't let that happen. We will be keeping track. You can get your points at the beginning of the month, at the end, or spread out periodically. You just have to make sure you get them every month.

Always welcome new members when we accept them- We can't stress this enough. If no one is welcoming new members or encouraging people to join us...we can't thrive. As Owners, we can only do so much. To make you and this group successful we have to all work together. So always make sure you welcoming people and encouraging people to join.

Status streams- This is another perfect way to show us you are active and to be successful. You are required to post on status stream 4 times a week but if you miss a few that's okay. Being active in the status stream and liking other posts is a great way to be successful. It shows others that you care and shows us you want to be here.

Spirits Weeks- Always participate in these. They are so much fun and your fellow members want you to show them love on their defaults as much as you do. Also, we will have a different task every day. So it's a great way to earn 5 points every day. You get 2 points for defaults and 5 for tasks. That's an easy way along with your status streams to earn all your points for the month in just one week. So make sure you do those.

Write- This is the most important way you can show us you are active. You even earn big points for showing us screenshots and if you show us the connections you have made after your 5 required connections, you get points for them. There's no reason you shouldn't be writing with each other. It's part of our Rules as activity and it will help everyone keep their muse up with their characters.

Profiles- If you have a neat profile and people can read what your bio says, it helps them with coming up with a deeper connection for your characters. It's part of the reason we require one. So that's an important way to be successful. 

Doing the tasks and drabbles- If you do these they really help with character development. It can certainly inspire your muse to keep writing and maybe even spark up new ideas you didn't have before. So, if you are having trouble with your muse try writing a drabble and see what comes to mind.

Participating in any events we may have- We are going to probably be having events once or twice a month. It's a good way for everyone to interact with each other. Participating in this can also help you earn points towards your 40 points goal. It can also help you make new friends and new connections if you let it.

Group Role Plays- We may have one of these every month. If we do it's just a fun way to interact with everyone writing-wise and I know we will have some going on through Discord. So, don't be shy to pop up in there and write with us every once in a while. It's another great way to show you are active, but remember Discord can not be the only thing you are on.

These are the ways you will always be successful here in Dream City.


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