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Mason Davila
It's not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what's realistic.
June 1st, 1990
Galaxy Comics
Sloane, MA


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February 25th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 27
Country: United States

Signup Date:
March 04, 2019


02/14/2020 11:20 PM 

Activity Check 161: Past, Present, Future

Character Study:



1: What were you like as a baby? As a child? As a Teen?

My mom told me as a baby I was pretty easy, didn't cry too much unless I was hungry, and slept fully through the night about as early as two months old. I was a premature baby, born about three months early, and the only thing my mom was worried about was my Jaundice. Other than that as a baby I seemed to be pretty decent.

As a child and a teen I was interested in everything to do with the outdoors, sports, church and school work. I spent most of my time in sports , church, and school clubs. There wasn't a time in my childhood and teens, that I remember at least, were I wasn't busy doing something to keep my mind and body moving.

2: Did you grow up rich or poor? 

We grew up relativly in middle class. I wouldn't have called us poor but when my mom got diagnoised with cancer and lost her job we slipped from middle to lower class. That was when I picked up an afterschool job working the front desk at a local tattoo shop in New Orleans.

3: Did you grow up nurtured or neglected?

Nutured by my mother. I always felt I was neglected by the family members who didn't claim me but my mother made up for any feelings of neglect.

4: Who was your hero growing up?

Superman and Beast Boy.

5: What is your best childhood memory?

The year I turned five-years-old I kept asking my mom for a first edition copy of Superman's comic book. I had most of the new ones that had been released but I wanted the mint condition Superman edition from 1938. Being that young I didn't know that this was a large request that I was asking of my mom but she ended up coming through. She picked me up early from school on my birthday, drove me home, and when I walked into our small apartment kitchen there was the Superman, 1938 edition comic book with a card from my mom. It's something I will never forget.

6: What is your worst childhood memory?

This memory is more from my teens but it's the day I found my mom lying on the floor of her work study barely breathing. This was the same day that I found out my mom was already in the second stage of Ovarian Cancer. I want to forget every finding her on the floor, I wish she never had gotten the cancer, but it's all engraved in my brain.

7: What is your strongest childhood memory?

My mom says I shouldn't be able to remember this memory, I was too young when it happened, and it was before we left Dallas, Texas. We were in a shopping center around Christmas when I got seperated from my mom, I was lost, confused, and was frantically searching for a familiar face. That was when I saw someone who I thought was my mom but when I tugged on her jacket she was a bit different. She was older but she still looked like my mom. I later found out that woman was my grandmother and that was the only time I got to meet her before she died years later.

8: What was your childhood ambition?

When I was a kid I always remember wanting to be a firefighter and when I was in highschool I wanted to be an art teacher. Some of it came true, I at least get to teach art at Galaxy Comics two nights a week.

9: What is your greatest childhood achievement?

I don't know what I would say my greatest achievement would be from when I was younger but I'm proud of everything I was able to achieve in in school when I was younger. I thought my life was going somewhere then.

10: What advice would a five-year-old you give to your future self?

Cherish the loved ones who choose you and don't chase after the people who don't choose you.


1: What are your current ambitions?

One of my number one ambitions is to make Galaxy Comics everything that it can be and to get the log cabin I bought fixed up. Right now that's all that I can focus on right now.

2: What is your favorite memory from the past year?

Opening Galaxy Comics, hands down. It represented a different kind of freedom for me that I hadn't had in a long time.

3: What is your worst memory from the past year?


4: Who is your current hero? 

My Mom is my number one hero. I still appreciate Superman and Beast Boy, I'm not ready to let them go yet.

5: What is your best quality?

Honestly? Most of the time I don't think I have any good qualities and lately it's been made clear that I don't.

6: What is your worst quality?

Some people would say I'm boring, my accent, or my lack of education higher than a highschool diploma. But for me I'll say my jealousy.

7: What is their greatest achievement to date?

Galaxy Comics. It's the only thing that I can really be proud of right?

8: What do you regret most about life right now?

Not knowing why she won't talk to me, the attack, and the relapsing.

9: What do you value most about life right now?

Something, someone I shouldn't.

10: What advice would a twenty-five-year-old you give to your future self?

You're the reason they leave you. Plain and simple.


1: What do you envision for your future? 

Part of me wants to envision a family for my future. I thought I found someone who would start a family with me, not in the traditional sense, but fur kids and adventures? I thought I had found that in her. Now I'm not so sure. Now I don't know what I envision my future to be.

2: What is an achievement you want for your future?

I'm not sure anymore. 

3: What do you hope you’ve stopped doing in the future?

Letting peoples opinions of me bother me.

4: Do you think you will view yourself as successful in the future? 

At the rate I'm going? No, probably not.

5: What is something you’ve hoped you’ve done in the future?

I hope I've got myself out of the rest of the debt I owe to people in the f***ing town.

6: What is a habit you hope you've dropped in the future?

Coke. I want to finally be clean, fully clean, of everything I've become so dependent on.

7: Who do you hope is still in your life in the next twenty years? 

Dollie, Eden, Aurora, Jude, and a few others. But most of the people I know from Sloane can go f*** themselves.

8: Do you think by the end of your life you have had a good life?

I hope I've had a good life. So far my life hasn't been horrible, there are parts I would trade, but it hasn't been a terrible life.

9: What is one question you would ask your future self? 

Does she come back?

10: What advice would an eighty-five-year-old you give to your past self?

You're gonna be alright bud, you're gonna be alright.


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