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02/14/2020 01:47 PM 

Going Out.

Crystal had to admit she was excited about going out with her husband and son. They were both everything to her. They made her happier than she could ever be. Landon had told her he had something special planned for them. Crystal couldn't wait to see what it was. "Are you ready to go babe?" Landon asked her with a smile as Crystal held their son in her arms. "Yes, but are you sure this is okay? We aren't supposed to be seen together. People are supposed to think we are divorced and don't like each other. What if someone sees and we get caught?" Crystal asked her husband. She was worried about something awful happening to her husband.  She was always very protective of her husband and the things they did. She didn't want anything happening to him.

"I mean, if you can promise me that no one will find out then I will be okay. I just don't want to go out and then something happens to us or our son. People won't be happy if they see us together and happy. 


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