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June 1st, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 24
Country: United States

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March 16, 2019



02/13/2020 12:43 PM 


Are they optimistic or pessimistic?

Jade tries really hard to be optimistic and quite frequently fails. Typically, she acts fairly pessimistic, though, she always makes the effort to be more optimistic.


What are their religious views?

She believes in karma. A long time ago she believed in god or atleast a higher power, that all changed when she endured her own form of abduction, living through many traumatic rapes and abuses. She felt helpless and confused, why hadn’t god saved her from this? Or, at the very least, spared her. It was then that she stopped believing in anything.


What are their political views?

Jade is somewhere in the middle, there are certain things from both sides she feels she agrees with, and things on both sides she doesn’t care for or agree with.


How do they feel about Donald Trump?

 She does not at all support Trump, she voted for Hillary. She will openly bash him given the opportunity.


What are their views on casual sex?

It’s healthy, it’s enjoyable and she used to engage in a lot of it before everything happened. Now she still finds it healthy and enjoyable, she’s just too scared and not ready for sexual relations again.


Are they capable of killing?

Jade is capable of killing, yes. She doesn’t believe that killing is necessarily always wrong, sometimes she feels it is a mercy or justice.


Are they any circumstances when they find killing to be acceptable?

Several. When it’s a child rapist, a murderer, someone attacking you, a handful of other situations.


What do they believe is the worst thing a person could do to another?

Other than murder and rape—she thinks breaking someones spirit is the worst thing they could do to another person. Break her heart, whatever. But..mentally and emotionally, to break someone down, she finds that to be the very worst thing.


Do they believe in soul mates?

No, not at all.

How do they define success?

Jade used to define success as finding happiness in whatever you’re doing in life. Now? She finds success, in Sloane atleast, to be making it out alive.


How honest are they about their thoughts and feelings?

She’s fairly blunt about her thoughts in all regards, leaving nothing left to hide. When it comes to her feelings, however, she really doesn’t openly discuss them.


What are their prejudices and biases, if any?

She’s biased when it comes to victims, often letting it cloud her judgement. She is, atleast currently and likely temporarily, against men.


Is there anything they are absolutely morally opposed to? If so, what.

Killing the innocent. Harming children. Rape.


What or would do they stand for? What would they die for?

She stands for loyalty, for strength, for women, for self confidence and love. And she would die for the people that she loves. Particularly people from her past that are no longer here.


What do they think is their best feature?

Other than her dazzling wit and charm? Her legs, definitely.


What do they think about drugs and alcohol? Is there anything specifically they would never do?

She loves them, there is rarely a time she isn’t on something. She would never do meth.


How do they feel about animal rights?

She supports animal rights to an extent, often feeling hypocritical because she still eats animal products.


Should gay marriage be legalized?

She strongly feels that gay marriage should be legalized and fully supports the LGBTQ community.


Do they think that men and women should have equal rights?

Yes, she does. She doesn’t see why they wouldn’t and gets angry even thinking about the subject.


What do they regard as the lowest depth of misery?

People who tear down others happiness for seemingly no reason.


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