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02/12/2020 11:29 PM 

Practice (Join in if you want)
Category: Stories

"I can't believe this...." she thought to herself. It's been an hour since she was supposed to be meeting her date at the restaurant. Thinking he would actually show, she had gone ahead and gotten a table. Now she was sitting there alone, realizing she had been stood up, again. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" she asked herself aloud as she dropped her head into her hands in frustration.

"Excuse me ma'am?" It was the waiter. "I'm sorry, but if you aren't going to be ordering, we really need the table to be available."
"Of course," she replied, "I'm so sorry to have kept it to myself for no reason. I'll just head to the bar."
"Thank you," was his only response as she got up.

Grabbing her things, she made her way through the floor over to the bar. Picking a spot at the end, she got the attention of the bartender and ordered a shot of Don Julio, and a Long Island Iced Tea. As soon as the drinks were in front of her she slammed down the tequila, then proceeded to sip on her tea.
"Rough day?" Came the bartenders voice.
"Something like that"
"Must have been to get a double hitter like tequila and a long island," he said with a chuckle.
She gave a half-hearted laugh in return, but was in no mood for conversation. All she could do was wonder at what she ever did to deserve being treated like this as she sat there. "I'm not a bad person," she thought to herself, "I'm nice, intelligent, successful....and I know I'm not that bad looking. So why do I keep getting stood up by men?" This wasn't the first time this had happened. Nor was it the second, or even the tenth. At this point she had been stood up so many times she didn't even bother keeping track anymore. The more she thought on the matter, the more she began to despair and she wondered if perhaps she should just give up entirely on ever finding someone to be with.


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