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02/09/2020 09:34 PM 

Mikaelson Dinner Party

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Attention Enzo
Before the Dinner Party
In Mystic Falls

Damon couldn’t believe he’d been given an invitation to some shindig that Elijah was hosting down in New Orleans.  First thing he did was call Elijah letting him know he’d be there.  The Noble Stag had actually gotten along with Damon when all this transpired some time back with Katherine and the cure.  He thought that a weekend gig in New Orleans sounded like fun.   He even told Elijah he was going to bring a friend.  Enzo St. John was getting married to Bonnie Bennett soon, so Damon thought he needed to go on one final hurrah before settling down.  How better to live it up than at a Mikaelson party down in the Big Easy? If Bonnie didn’t trust Damon, maybe she’d trust Elijah.   Damon snickered to himself before he called up Enzo.  “Get ready you big English Puppy Dog.  We’re going a road trip.” He didn’t even bother to give Enzo a chance to say anything.  In half an hour he was at Enzo’s door laying on the horn waiting for him to come out and get in the car.

The trip to New Orleans was going to take the better part of the day to complete.  Damon had been there several times over the years, but it all started back in the 1940s when he ran into Stefan and Lexi there. Stefan was going over as an ambulance driver.  Damon wanted that time alone with his brother but given what had happened some 20 years earlier, Lexi was right. Instead of being an ambulance driver, he found his way on board with Patton’s army through North Africa and into Italy.  Little did he realize but among those tea swilling Brits under Montgomery was a vampire that Damon would meet in 1953 in their own personal hell.  Enzo St John was one of Monty’s boys.  They may have even met back then, but Damon would have never known.   Enzo was the soldier.  Damon was the goldbrick.  Almost 80 years later and here they were on the way to the city that started that downhill slide for Damon.  He laid on the horn again waiting for either Enzo to come out or Bonnie to hex him to shut him up.  Damon smiled when Enzo came out with a bag in hand.  He simply waved at Enzo and to Bonnie who watched Enzo get in the car with Damon to go party with the Mikaelsons.

He didn’t bother actually listening to anything Enzo said while on the road.   Damon had thought ahead to pack a cooler of blood bags for the trip.  Damon just glanced at him and muttered.  “Uh huh, that’s right every once in a while to pretend like he was listening.  It always seemed to work with Stefan.  Enzo was a bit more of a challenge than Stefan.  Enzo could read him better than his own brother could.  At one point Damon leaned over and just smiled.   That sh*teating grin was one that Enzo knew well.  It meant Damon was just being… well Damon.  

It took the better part of the day to drive through to New Orleans. The two vampires could have flown down on a commercial jet, but Damon thought that was too boring to cut corners like that.  Driving down in his Camaro was a lot more fun. It gave the two of them time to just enjoy the road and the open air when Damon dropped the hood.  Besides that, Damon was old enough to appreciate not having to walk all this way.  Damon had had enough walking when he was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.  Even as part of Patton’s Army he actually got to ride in a tank.   Those sweaty tanks were another reason why Damon liked his convertible.   Closed in spaces actually made him uncomfortable.  Call it claustrophobia or what have you, but the smell of sweat and urine was enough to make anyone enjoy wide open spaces.

They finally arrived in the wee hours of the morning.  Once in New Orleans, Damon had this little apartment he kept since the days of WWII that he brought Enzo at this hour.  It was in the French Quarter near the Mikaelson compound. They could head up some back steps and be unseen by anyone too overly curious.  They had arrived the day before the Dinner Party, so they had a chance to get in, get settled and get ready for this party.  Hopefully Enzo’s thoughts about an Original Family Shindig would lighten up before they showed up at the compound.  He could only pretend to listen for so long before the Brit would punch Damon in the nose and go back home to Bonnie.

In New Orleans

Damon kept admiring himself in the mirror wearing this tuxedo he got from this men’s shop that Elijah recommended.  The suit was made with silk and it was the most comfortable thing he’d ever worn in his life.  He was making kissy faces at himself when he finally realized what time it was.  “Come on Enzo! We’re gonna be late!”  He looked off toward the back room waiting for his best friend to emerge from there in the tuxedo he had made for him. “You’re gonna thank me for this later!”

Damon took another step backwards and even looked at his butt in the mirror.  He couldn’t help but grin.  He was a good looking single vampire.  He’d already spoken to Clarisse du Volde, Elijah’s adopted daughter about this whole party.  They had spiced up a few speakeasys in the 20s in Chicago.  Tonight they were going to teach everyone a thing or two about what it meant to truly dance.  All he had to do was get Enzo going.  Damon thought he was likely making kissy faces with Bonnie on FaceTime so that’s what was holding him up from going out the door now.   He smirked about it as these mushy thoughts went through his mind.   Enzo was undoubtedly his worst date ever to any party.  Damon was going to get his arse beat by both of them later, but it was going to be soooo worth it.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet


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