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02/09/2020 06:57 PM 

Task 1.

Watermelon Sugar High.

From the first moment that Crystal met Landon she knew he was her forever. There was just something about him that pulled her to him. She got this high feeling that she had never felt before. They met during the Summer at Disneyland. So listening to Watermelon Sugar High really brings back those feelings for him that she has. She is very into the romance of a relationship. He understands that about her and he's grateful for it. There's nothing in this world she wouldn't for him. Music has always been something that has influenced Crystal's life. She has so many memories where music has helped her keep going when she never wanted to. It has kept her alive and given her hope that she didn't have before. She has grown so much through different kinds of music.

Music has always been a huge influence on Crystal's life from the time she was a little kid. It's not only a huge influence but what brought her and her husband together. She loves to sing and create her own songs. Writing songs is something that she has done since she was a little girl. It helped her escape to her own little world and get out of the one she was living in for a while. She has created so many good songs and so much good music that way. She loves what she does and she is not afraid to show it. She will do anything for her love of music and she knows it. She just wants to make the world happy with her voice and her writing. Songs are what make her happy and music is all about songs and the way someone is feeling at that time. 


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