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20 May 1863
Just outside of Mystic Falls

A dirty grey cap sat upon a head of chestnut curls.   Icy hues focused straight ahead.  The late spring season of Virginia was not as hot as the summer, but the heat was still present.  The lone Confederate soldier was walking slowly upon a path he’d walked many times when he was but a boy.  The young man was familiar with this path.  He’d used it quite often to get away from a monster in his own home.  His father was prone to massive outbursts of temper and fits of rage especially when he’d been tipping one too many bottles of bourbon.   Each step closer brought thoughts of home to his memory.  Living with that monster who had the unfortunate genetic connection to himself and his younger brother was not going to exactly be happy to see him away from the glorious cause of the Confederacy.   He didn’t care.  His brother needed him.  He needed to be there for him.

Emerging from a bramble of bushes, the young man stepped forward.  The glorious morning sun warmed his flesh.  For a brief moment, Damon Salvatore was surrounded by a warmth that reminded him what it was like to be human again.   He’d been so long at war that feeling like a decent human being was becoming an alien concept to him.  Ahead was that structure he’d known all too well.  The Salvatore Plantation was looming just in front of him.  He was almost there.  “Damon!”

The familiar voice came along with the face of the one person in this entire messed up world he truly cared about was enough to make him drop his bag. Damon ran ahead catching his younger brother Stefan in his arms.  The boys running together was like a massive collision between two forces that no one could ever tear apart.

Damon clung to Stefan as if he’d disappear if he let him go.   “Brother!”  The desperation of Stefan’s last letter had left Damon filled with the desire to go rescue his brother from whatever fate had befallen him.  Damon would have fought Satan himself to get to his brother.   Satan was nothing short of their father who would not be pleased to see Damon here.   The Confederacy was his father’s cause.  It wasn’t Damon’s.   Damon’s cause was being at his brother’s side.  Stefan was the only other one who would ever know the horrors of living with a man named Giuseppe Salvatore.  Their mother knew, but their mother was dead from consumption.  Their mother was free.

Current Day
Mystic Falls

Damon Salvatore had endured many changes since that day in 1863.  Being cursed as a vampire from his dalliances with one Katherine Pierce was the biggest hurdle that he’d had to get past.  The psycho b.itch from hell had seduced both him and his brother.  She’d fed them both her blood so they ended up being vampires themselves.   Damon wanted to die because he’d thought Katherine dead, but his brother and best friend encouraged him to feed.  Here they were over 100 years later.   Katherine was dead, but yet her image lived on in the flesh.

Her name was Elena Gilbert.   Another brunette beauty with brown eyes had bewitched both Salvatore Brothers.   She started off as his brother’s girlfriend, but he couldn’t help it.  He fell in love with her.  Damon loved Elena with all he had.   It was a far different love from what he’d felt for Katherine.  While Katherine’s love was purely physical and seductive, there was much more to that with Elena.  Elena was the sunshine in the bright sky after the rain.   She was the only person in over one hundred years that had actually been able to inspire Damon to be something he’d thought died in 1864.   The thought of living without her was something that Damon just couldn’t comprehend.

It all happened so quickly.  One minute Jo and Alaric were about to say their vows to one another and become shackled in those bonds of holy matrimony.   The next moment, Kai Parker of all people had appeared.  With the knife in hand, Kai had plunged it into the stomach of the would be happy bride.  Jo was dead and the wedding reception was in chaos.

As the best man and Elena the maid of honor, they were close to the scene as it unfolded.   Damon started to zip toward Elena as a blast from Kai’s magic had started to destroy everything around them.   Elena fell to the ground unconscious.   Damon tried desperately to get Elena to wake up by even feeding her his blood since she was human again after taking the cure.   Nothing worked.  Elena was in a magical coma thanks to Kai.   He tied her life to Bonnie’s.   As long as Bonnie was alive, Elena would be sleeping.   It would be in some 60-70 years, then he’d see his soul mate again.   As much as he did like Bonnie, he knew that he couldn’t allow anything to happen to her.   The slight temptation did exist but if something happened to Elena’s best friend and he had a chance to prevent it meant that the one girl that made him a better person would hate him for eternity.   Damon couldn’t live with that.   He also realized he couldn’t live without Elena.

Once he was sure that everyone was in the clear, Damon had made the decision.   He was going to desiccate himself and stay in a coffin right next to Elena for the next however long it took.   The thought of six or seven decades without Elena was just more than he could bear.   This was the only decision he could make.   Once again, Damon Salvatore was running away from his problems.  There was already going to be fallout.   Bonnie had ripped into him for making this decision.  He’d left her a note about it with his mind firmly set on his plan.  She refused to read it.  She made him say it aloud.   He’d not been confronted by Alaric yet who had other things on his mind at this point.  Damon said his goodbyes in that letter to the hunter.

As painful as it was to say goodbye to Bonnie, the worst feeling was going to say goodbye to his brother.   He’d left a note for Stefan to find about his plans.   For now, Damon was in the basement of the boarding house next to an open coffin he planned on sealing himself into for the next 70 years.    Elena’s coffin was already there.   He was standing next to her for just a few more minutes longer.   He hoped beyond hope that Stefan would understand that this was something he had to do.   Unfortunately he knew his brother well enough to know that Stefan was going to be furious.  All Damon could do now was wait.  This was going to be the most epic fight these two brothers ever had.  Damon felt this in his gut.  He was absolutely adamant that this was what he was going to do.   Deep down inside, he knew that if anyone could talk him out of it, it was Stefan.  His brother would undoubtedly insist on it.  Damon was shaking inside.  It was going to hurt like hell no matter what.  He wasn’t sure what would hurt more: emotional pain from the last moments with Stefan or the physical pain from desiccation.  He was surely about to find the answer.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet


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