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January 27th, 2020

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January 03, 2020


01/14/2020 05:22 PM 

Unspoken Rules: It Only Happens on [observation from a diff. platform]
Category: Blogging

  • The exercise of unfriend/blocking occurs at much higher rates for very trivial events. 

    1. A woman account will announce in her headline that she will block all men. No exceptions. 

    2. Replying to a pre-written introduction with a one-line dialogue. Good for you, you pre-written 3 paragraphs about your life. But it's just an introduction. What do you want me to say to it? "Congratulations, let's connect" spanned into 3 paragraphs? Don't be ridiculous. 

    Same thing across all platforms: Getting unfriended/blocked or excessive messages for not replying in an unreasonable time frame, 3 minutes or fewer. 
  • Wikipedia copy/paste character bio abuse, especially in the Hollywood/Celebrity verses. 

This seriously makes no sense. You are a roleplayer. Your job is to fictionalize and write your own work. Canon or noncanon. And stop spelling it like "cannon" it's canon in this context. 

  • Not everyone is proficient in coding and HTML, but it doesn't mean your profile shouldn't have any work on it. Copying Wikipedia/ Wiki doesn't make you look literate, it just makes you look lazy. 
  • People re-requesting a friend request several times in a short period of time.
    Dude. This is my newest pet peeve. On Facebook, they cannot re-request for 365 days. I just block now, idgaf.

  • Mature on other platforms just means Rated R, explicit content like cursing, violence, drugs. Mature on explicitly means smut/sexual content, period. Nothing else.

  • Drabbles are officially defined as 100 words. Clearly, that's not really the case. Isn't it funny more people write drabbles rather than write interactively with other people? Yeah, that's a RIOT.

  • Because this site is not mobile-friendly, many people still only write via desktop. But the reality is, many users don't even have a laptop. This site will never have its own standalone mobile app and that really, really sucks. Mobile writing isn't weird anymore. Sorry, but it isn't. 

  • Obsession with visual aesthetics and presentation gets more attention than writing presented with zero, plaintext formatting. This is a huge con especially to those who did not grow up with MySpace or even had a coding interest. 

  • Relationship/sexual orientation defining display names [S&L / T&L / Gay / Loves ___ / Lesbian]

    Why don't you just scream that you're illiterate? It does the same thing.

  • Fetus / child accounts.  I understand that characters have children. It's another thing to dedicate an entire account to a fetus or a toddler. What are you gonna post about? Barney? Sesame Street? Goo goo gaa gaa? Talk like an uneducated child? MAMA DADA WANT BABA!!?! It's not uncommon to write your own kids in your already existing paras. I never understood this from Myspace 2003 and I will not understand this in 2020. 

  • People paying to go ad-less.  I paid one month to go ad-less. This site isn't any faster because this site uses the same source code from Myspace's release. There are other places to save your work and your pictures without wasting your money on a hobby that does not pay out. Dropbox and Google Drive, to name a few. You will never lose your work. You will on though, since there's been stories of being banned or whatever. 

  • The word p**sy isn't bleeped out but d*ck is. Explain this. (Stream only)

This is not the end of my list, but these are so far the major differences, coming from a different platform. 


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