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01/14/2020 09:25 PM 

What if its you. Drabble

What if it's you

"I've got something to tell you,  that i just can't say I'm writing it down, incase maybe  some day our lives take the turn down the road we can't see right now, I know you're happy and I'm happy for you..""

A letter sat in Alyssa's hands she was sixteen weeks pregnant and engagement ring sat on her hand as she tore open the envelope, she hadn't seen Reba since 2015 a year, a year she dated the read head a mature woman that had never been loved by a woman. Something about a sixty something year old woman  that made her feel something when they made love right after Alyssa's graduation from Ole miss, Reba had been a family friend for over her mother's 30 years how could Reba go from the aunt to now the ex girlfriend that Alyssa had still a soft spot for aside from Addison. What if they were the couple that were suppose to be together what f Addison wasn't suppose to be the one she was walking down the isle to and joining the strait family, the question was why couldn't she let the red head go 

What if its you, if i ever hold you i'll never let go, but if i never do how am i to know?.

"So.." Reba's voice caught her in the midst of tears how had the blonde not known Reba wanted to marry her a ring sat in the box in front of her a lump was formed in her throat, a gentle touch of her hand she pulled Alyssa's hand toward her. "lyss.." the red head caught the tear that slipped down her cheek an engagement ring a letter of a confession, a song, the blonde's heart was broken Addison Marie Strait would be the victim of her fiancee and son leaving her. "don't cry, oh baby don't cry" the other woman began to kiss her tears away this was the thing this woman was too kind, too sweet  Her gaze of tears trailed down her cheeks a soft approach "I Love you, don't blame yourself for this, I never showed it for you to know. Alyssa cleared her throat  between her relationship struggles with her father and now Reba how was she suppose to do what was right.

"God, stop.." A kiss planed on the strawberry blonde's lips  cupping her face she rested her forehead against hers "this is more complicated than it has to be.." Alyssa spoke softly she couldn't get her breathe from crying a meet up was suppose to be casual, casual no reminiscing  but here she was again.. This wasn't suppose to happen, never.


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