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January 17th, 2020

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November 24, 2019



01/14/2020 04:22 PM 

cs — a coward.


you’re a coward.

a stranger.

i cry with my eyes closed so i cannot see how bad it hurts.
everything breaks once, you said, but give anything time and it will heal if you let it.

this was my first lesson of survival.

people who knew clyde thought he had a tough childhood. some dads played sports. his dad needed a punching bag.

some people feared his father’s military approach at discipline but he was thankful for the early exposure to fists. this way he’d grow accustomed to the pain and develop the quick reflexes needed to fight back.

people saw a tyrant; he enjoyed time with the desensitized man he called dad. he looked up to him. his dad was his hero. clyde was a master at self-deception, he believed his father’s words, he believed it was all father-son quality time even as he stared in the eyes of homophobia.


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