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Rebecca Lynn

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January 15th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 30
Country: United States

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January 20, 2019


01/14/2020 02:11 PM 

..the eloquent buy ...
Category: Stories

(.. a continuation from 'planning a beautiful future' )

A few weeks after pinpointing the right oceanfront mansion, Rebecca’s father called.  As a lawyer, he manipulated the real-estate system to make her proposal beneficial.   Many people indeed were haggling to have it, however, making it sound like a money pit put a great devalue on its buyer potentials.  The snake-like driveway up the cliffside, giving a breathtaking view of the ocean, came to the top, revealing the prestigious building, which basks in the California sunlight giving Rebecca goosebumps immediately.   The landscape could use a great deal of contending, but how did the inside look?


Limo driver places the luxurious vehicle at a stop. Quickly he addresses the duty to opening the passenger door to let Ms. Lynn out.  She was not snooty to those who were in service to her, with a gracious nod in her passing; those footsteps move eloquently up the landscape pathway to the front door.  The moment the door open the foyer offered a dramatic sensation wealth of space to decorate, it screamed for attention. 


Rebecca went further inside to inspect the rooms.  Primary space off to the left made Ms. Lynn feel it would be a perfect lounging area.  This area could perchance give the escort suitor’s a place to sit and bask at the ocean view while waiting.  Other rooms on the lower floor could be false areas to promote maybe fine antiquities or even auctions?

Upstairs allowed picking and choosing who was the exceptional girl for an upgrade chamber.   The third floor may very well become Rebecca’s private homestead to work and live out of her father’s chaperoning.  Not that she denied father any insightfulness to what was happing because his allegiance to the Pierce Way was signed in blood too.


“This is going to be a tremendously perfect endeavor –“ Rebecca said with a great deal of pride.


Top to bottom, she took pictures for keepsake.  Of course, to forward a few of them as a sneak peeks to Patrick.  Though she would not permit Mr. Pierce to visit until she certain all of it was done.  Done with the minor remodeling, interior designing, hiring of the girls, and then like a grand present you might on Christmas – later until later, it will all be revealed to him as a whole finish product. 

Now it was time to begin preparing for the impactful future.


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