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01/14/2020 01:14 PM 

It's not over (A Drabble)

The earthy fragrance of nature burning all around them set in the reality that Starrdell would never be the same. Once a planet coated in brilliant green foliage. Glowing petals of flowers used to twinkle as far as the eye could see. The land now felt dark, most of the plant life carried by the breeze in ash and ember. The creatures of the land could be heard, calling for their young while desperately searching for water and safety.

Sedona’s cheek laid against the dirt. Blood from the cut on her cheekbone had dried. A cough forced from her lungs, feeling a heavy breathe escape her only to take in more of the smoke that cloudy her view when her eyes opened. 

The last thing she remember was a blast and a force that must have thrown her quite a distance. Her whole body ached when she pressed her forearms against the ground to lift herself from the ground, knowing she still had more fight left in her to defend her home. 

The sound of someone coughing nearby caught her attention. She crawled as quickly as she could toward the sound, hearing it once more. She climbed over the large, fallen tree to see Poe on the other side of it. He rolled over onto his back, feeling just as she had moments before.

“Poe,” she called to him, ensuring he was not alone. “The woods are burning. We need to get to the beaches.” She climbed down from the fallen tree, down to his side. 

Lightheadedness felt like she would collapse but she managed to keep herself up with one hand on the ground and the other on Poe’s shirt. Her fingertips gripped onto the fabric while giving a nudge to encourage him to stand although it was exactly what she was to weak to try. 

“It’s not over.” She spoke in barely a whisper, smoke making it difficult to fully inhale to speak. The words barely convinced herself that they could win this war.

Poe placed his hand on hers, giving it a squeeze. “I know it’s not,” he reassured her, although not completely convinced but if she could hold on to hope, there could be a chance for at least her to survive. Poe pulled her hand over his chest toward his opposite shoulder to bring her closer to him, where she collapsed onto him. Her cheek rested against him, barely hearing his heartbeat beneath his clothing. 

The air became even more difficult to breathe. Her thoughts wandered from the beating in the man’s chest to the blue face of the child, Zeph. A 3 year old of an alien race brought to Starrdell to be raised. His sunflower eyes captured her heart. She remembered the way he would look at her when he would follow her instruction and receive praise for it. Memories of how he clung her her leg when natives would speak to him. Tears steamed sideways down her face onto Poe. What if Zeph was dead? Unable to breathe? Afraid? Calling for her? “Dona!” She could practically hear his young voice all around her. 

Thoughts of Zeph left her when fingertips combed through her long strands. “Thank you….” She quickly lost consciousness, her breathing becoming more shallow. 

This is the end.



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