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01/13/2020 07:21 PM 

Misha Murder Monday Drabble: Part 2 / ᴍisᴘʟaceᴅ ᴀcᴛoʀ
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Hotch looks over the body on the ground after arriving at the scene with JJ & says to her in question:

Hotch: JJ why do I have this sudden feeling that Virgil is traveling by some means of transportation cause somehow he is not in any way sticking around to get witnesses
Jennifer: Is Virgil using a vehicle with untraceable tires or is Virgil able to fly without touching the ground or is he being helped by a partner who carries him away

All were good questions but with no answer so Hotch & JJ headed back to LAPD to meet with the rest of the team that was waiting for them to return & Hotch walked in with JJ saying to his team mates in the room:

Hotch: Genevieve Padalecki was found murdered at a new crime scene while you guys were out at Misha's crime scene so now we have to figure this out & quickly cause I have a bad feeling that someone else is going to end up dead shortly & I do not like this Virgil guy at all cause we could be next on his list of victims that he has
Jennifer: Hotch makes a point so my suggestion is before we all end up dead is get the hell out of this building & to a safer location that Virgil cannot get into & fast
Officer: We have a problem Virgil is here & we cannot leave cause half the police officers are already dead & we are next now & we are not gonna survive his attack
Rossi: We are going to need help right now before we end up as dead corpses in this building right now
Virgil: You are guarding the weapons & I want them so if you do not want to die take off your weapons or I kill your whole team but it will be the women first then the men & lastly yourself SSA Hotchner or should I start with you & go from there 

Hotch takes off both of his guns & gives them over to Virgil & his team gives up their weapons as well but Reid says as he refuses to give up his weapon to Virgil:

Reid: You say you are the guardian of weapons but your jurisdiction for protection of the weapons is it of Earth or Heaven cause if it is of Heaven then you have no right to the weapons of Earth at all
Virgil: My jurisdiction is weapons of Hea.... *Shoots Reid in the left shoulder* How dare you try to trick me into giving you answers you filthy human cause I do not answer to you cause you are not my father who is Chuck Shurley who is my real father

Reid falls to the ground injured & Prentiss pulls him out of the room to a private room to help Reid with his injured arm & Virgil explains to the team that the next person to question him will get a bullet in the chest, head and legs. As Virgil is talking to the team Reid hears the name Chuck Shurley & tells Prentiss to call Garcia & have her run that name. Prentiss calls Garcia while she sits with Reid after fixing Reid's left arm:

Garcia: Speak and be heard oh goddess Emily for I am listening
Prentiss: Reid has been shot by Virgil & Reid wants me to have you run Chuck Shurley
Garcia: I should come there & see this for myself & I will run it when I get there
*Hangs up before Prentiss can tell her not to come to LAPD in California*
Prentiss: Son of a bitch I hate her 
Reid: What is going on Prentiss that you hate Garcia for doing right now
Prentiss: She is coming here to put herself in danger & she is going to look up Chuck Shurley on the flight here but if she comes here she may find us all dead & not living

Will Garcia make it to LAPD in time to get to the team before they are all killed & Virgil disappears having won the fight against the Behavioral Analysis Unit team & will Virgil have gotten his next victims & made Garcia regret having come to LAPD compromising the whole entire case costing the entire teams lives putting blood on her hands?

*********To Be Continued*****************


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