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01/13/2020 04:23 PM 

Prompt reply-Kailani

โ€œMistakes are made easily in the moment... apologies are not.โ€

The words cut through the air like a knife as her chocolate hues narrowed down at the petite blonde standing before her. Phone in hand, hip jutted out, Blairโ€™s screen lit up, the latest gossip girl blast plastered on the home page.

Spotted: New blonde caught chatting with the King of the upper east side. Careful B, someone might move in and steal your crown.

As confident as she was in herself, one thing the young brunette did not allow was backstabbing, power-grabbing traitors in her midst. โ€œCare to explain yourself, Kai? Or should I go ask him why you two were so cozy at the palace bar last night.โ€ The screen dimmed as her arms folded across her chest, head shifted to the side, regarding the young girl before her, โ€œI better get some answers or a certain string of gossip concerning your latest taunts might land as the headliner within the hour.โ€

Her stare was ice cold as a smirk lined her lips, the deafening tap of her glitzed heal on the marble floor echoing the walls of the Waldorf house. It didnโ€™t help that Kailani looked so much like Serena- and like Serena, turned heads in her direction without even a second thought.

No one stepped on Blair Waldorf territory and got away with it, not in this town anyway.


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