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Rp pros4

- Danvers -
Lord WIlliam J. Danvers II - [email protected] 
Lord William J. Danvers II - [email protected] 
Sir William J. Danvers III -  [email protected] 
Capatain Jack Danvers - [email protected] 
S.J. Danvers - [email protected] 
J.D. Danvers - [email protected] 
Caleb Danvers [email protected] 
Caleb Danvers [email protected] 
Caleb Danvers [email protected] 
*Caleb Danvers - [email protected] 
Eric Danvers - [email protected] 
Joey Danvers - [email protected] 
Zeke Danvers -  [email protected] 
Michael Danvers - [email protected] 
Brandon Danvers [email protected] 
Dark Ghost Dragon - [email protected] 
Clayton Danvers - [email protected] 
Jeremy Danvers - [email protected] 
Giles -  [email protected] 
sarah ( 11)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kendall  Babe
- Danvers (2) -

Lord William Danvers II-  [email protected]
Sir William Danvers III - [email protected]
Jack Danvers - [email protected]
S.J. Danvers - [email protected]
J.D. Danvers - [email protected]
Caleb Danvers - [email protected]
Eric Danvers - [email protected]
Joey Danvers - [email protected]
Tyler Simms - [email protected]
The Weskers (Resident Evil / Umbrella Corp) 2nd.

London Wesker - [email protected] 
Marcus Wesker - [email protected]
Capt. Leon S. Wesker [email protected]
Lt. Jake Wesker [email protected]
James Wesker - [email protected]
Noah Wesker - [email protected]
Brent Wesker [email protected]
Riley E. Wesker [email protected]
Damien Wesker [email protected]
Parker Wesker [email protected]
Nathan Wesker - [email protected]
Andrew Wesker - [email protected]
Xavier Wesker - [email protected]
Dillon Spencer - [email protected]
Jaggard Spencer - [email protected]
Dr. Matthew Spencer - [email protected]
Trayton Spencer - [email protected]
Edward Spencer - [email protected]
Lord Oswell Spencer - [email protected]
Rick Grimes -- [email protected]
Daryl Dixon -- Daryl Dixon - [email protected] 
Carl Grimes - [email protected] 
Ron Anderson - [email protected]
Noah  (Reeves) (Parker Weirling)- [email protected]
Mikey (Reeves)  (Elijah Marcano) - [email protected]
Troy Anderson -  [email protected]
Morgan Corinthos - [email protected]
Addy Buchanan - [email protected] (rpfun420)
Amy Bell Buchanan - [email protected] ( rpfun420 )
Joey Buchanan - [email protected]
Kevin Buchanan - [email protected]
Rex Balsom  - [email protected]
James Ford -  [email protected]
Dillon Quartermaine - [email protected]
Sonny Corinthos - [email protected] (rpfun420)
Lucky Spencer - [email protected]
Robert Ford - [email protected] (rpfun420)
Ned Ashton - [email protected]
Cutter Wentworth - [email protected]
David Vickers - [email protected]
Will Rappaport - [email protected]
Sam Rappaport - [email protected]om (springfield420)
Clint Buchanan - [email protected]
Bo Buchanan - [email protected]
Cord Roberts - [email protected]
Todd Manning - [email protected]
John McBain - [email protected]
Robert Ford - [email protected]
James Ford - [email protected]
Troy Anderson - [email protected]
Patrick Drake - [email protected]
Johnny Zacchara - Sullivan - [email protected]
Chad Dimera - [email protected]
Bates Motel -  The Bates / Massette Family - White Pine Bay (2)
Dylan Massett 3 - [email protected] 
Dylan Massett - [email protected] 
Norman Bates - [email protected]
Charles Corvis - [email protected]
Adam Corvis - [email protected]
Alex Corvis ( The Crow: Salvation) -  [email protected] 
Ryan Corvis - [email protected]
Gunner Corvis - [email protected]
Jonathan Corvis - [email protected]

Eddie Wilson - [email protected]
Maddox Stone Wilson - [email protected]
Derek Kaufman - [email protected]
Kyle Sullivan - [email protected]
Isaac Corvis - [email protected]
Ray Bronson - [email protected]
Barry Cox - [email protected]
Dewely Riley - [email protected]
Randy Meeks - [email protected]
William Young - [email protected]

Final Destination
Deaht aka Mortician - [email protected]
Alex Browning -  [email protected]
Carter Horton - [email protected]
Ian McKinley - [email protected]
Officer Thomas Burke -  [email protected]
Jason Wise - [email protected] ( rpfun42) 
Erin Ulmer - [email protected] (rpfun420 )
Julie Christensen - [email protected]  (rpfun420 )

Chicago PD
Jay Halstead -  [email protected]
Adam Ruzek - [email protected]
Antonio Dawson -  [email protected] (rpfun420)

Chicago MED
Will Halstead - [email protected]
Chicago Fire
Matthew Casey - [email protected]
Kelly Severide - [email protected] (rpfun420)
Lt. Christopher Herrmann -  [email protected]
New Amsderam
Max     - [email protected]
CSI New York 
Lt. Mac Taylor - - [email protected]
Det. Don Flack -  [email protected]
Det. Danny Messer - [email protected]

The Vampire Diaries / The Originals 

Damon Salvatore (2) - [email protected] 
Stefan Salvatore - [email protected]
Zach Salvatore -  [email protected]
Atticus Shane - [email protected]
Dr. Wes Maxfield - [email protected]
Jackson Kenner - [email protected]
Logan Fell - 
John Gilbert - [email protected]
Markkos (Travelor Leader ) -  [email protected]
Theiry V. -  [email protected]
Det. Will Kinnley - [email protected]
Lucas Parker - [email protected]
Kai Parker - [email protected]
Matt Donovan - [email protected]
Vincent Griffith - [email protected]
Tyler Lockwood- [email protected] 
Mason Lockwood - [email protected] 
Jeremy Gilbert- [email protected]
Alaric Saltzman - [email protected] 
Finn Mikaelson - [email protected]
Elijah Mikaelson - [email protected] 
Klaus Mikaelson - [email protected] 
Kol Mikaelson - Kol Mikaelson (3) - [email protected] 

Stiles St. - [email protected]

NCSI / CSI (2)
S. Agent Gibbs - [email protected]
S. Agent Tony DiNoxxo [email protected]

Zach Taylor -  [email protected] -
Star - Crossed (2)

Sullivans (2)
Ray Sullivan ( The God Father ) - [email protected] 
Landon/Michael Sullivan - [email protected]
Charles Bourne -
Jason Bourne [email protected]
Rodney Bourne -
Ryan Bourne -
Kyle Bourne -
Clarabelle Barnes- [email protected]
Luke Bryan - [email protected]
Cameron Spencer- [email protected] 
James Bourne - [email protected]
Dylan Bourne [email protected] 
Danny Bourne [email protected] 
EJ Bourne -  [email protected]
Tommy Bourne- [email protected] 
Joshua Bourne - [email protected]
Roman: [email protected] .com 
Jake/Michael SUllivan [email protected] 
- Aiden Webber - Sullivan - [email protected]  - (remake)
500 1094
390 720
- O'Connors - GH Pros-
Brian O'Connor [email protected] 
Nate O'Connor [email protected]
Justin O'Connor [email protected] - (remake)
Matthew O'Connor - [email protected] 
Jackson O'Connor [email protected] - (remake)
Dean Winchester - [email protected]
Sam Winchester - [email protected] 
JJ Deveraux [email protected] 
The Harpers 

Imperial Peter Pan Harper - [email protected] 
Prince Alexander Harper - [email protected]
Prince Nikolas Harper - [email protected]
Prince Lexington Harper - [email protected]

The Crow - The Corvis Family

Alex Corvis ( The Crow : Salvation) - [email protected] 
Jonathan A. Corvis [email protected] 
Heather Lynn Winchester - Corvins - [email protected] 
Thomas "Tommy" Ian Winchester - Corvis - [email protected]
Peter Walsh - [email protected] 
Derek Kaufman - [email protected] 
Salt Lake City PD - [email protected] 
Eddie Wilson - [email protected]
Draven -
Ashe Corven - [email protected]
Jimmy  Cuervo   - [email protected]
290 x 677
415 * 676
Dean Winchester - [email protected]
Percy Jackson - [email protected]

Bates Motel -  The Bates / Massette Family - White Pine Bay

Dylan Massett- [email protected] 
Kameron Ivan Massett [email protected] (remake)
Ginger Bates - [email protected] 
Norman Bates [email protected]
Caleb Massett- [email protected] 
Jason Hayes Massett - [email protected]
Alex Romero [email protected]
Zach Shelby - [email protected]
Shawn Romero - [email protected]
Nate Shelby - [email protected]
Justin Shelby - [email protected]
Jackson Ford - [email protected]
The Secret Circle
Adam Conant - [email protected] 
Jake Armstrong - [email protected]  (remake)

The Vampire Diaries - Mystic Falls.
Damon Salvatore - [email protected] 
Damon Salvatore (3) [email protected] 
Stefan Salvatore - [email protected] 
Zach Salvatore - [email protected] 
Mason Lockwood (1) - [email protected] 
Matt Donovan - [email protected] 
Tyler Lockwood (2) - [email protected] 
Alaric Saltzman (1) - [email protected]
Alaric Saltzman (2) - [email protected]
Jeremy Gilbert/Winchester - [email protected] 
Jeremy Gilbert - [email protected] 
Daniel Warren - [email protected] 
Ray Sutton - [email protected] 
Ben McKittrick [email protected] 
William Tanner - [email protected] 
Atticus Shane [email protected] 
Lucas Parker [email protected] 
Dr. Wesley "Wes ' Maxfield - [email protected] 
Logan Fell - [email protected] 
Jonathan GIlbert - [email protected] 
Vicki Donovan - [email protected] 
Kai Parker - [email protected] 
Aaron Whitmore (Soon) -
Liam Davis ( soon) -
The Originals - New Orleans
Elijah Mikaelson (M ) - [email protected]  (remake)
†Mikael - [email protected] 
†Elijah Mikaelson (1) - [email protected]  
† Niklaus Mikaelson (1) - [email protected] 
† Kol Mikaelson (Psychotic Maniac) - [email protected] 
Kol Mikaelson (2) - [email protected] 
† Finn Mikaelson - [email protected]
†Aaron Mikaelson - [email protected] 
†Henrick Mikaelson - [email protected] (rpfun420)  
Unborn Baby Girl Mikaelson ( Kol/Hadley) - [email protected] 
Unborn Baby Boy Mikealson (kol/hadley)  - [email protected]
Det. Will Kinney - [email protected] 
Vincent Griffith - [email protected] 
Lucien Castle - [email protected] 
Tristan De Martel - [email protected] 
Thierry Vanchure [email protected]  
Jackson Kenner - [email protected] 
Kaleb - 
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
logan lindholm
Future kid of Kol Mikaelson and Hadley
Legacies - RPG
Legacies & Co RPG - [email protected] (remake)

Scott McCall - [email protected] 
Derek Hale [email protected] 

Star-Crossed / Roswell
Roman (2) - [email protected]
Roman (3) - [email protected]
Grayson Montrose - [email protected]
Max Evans - [email protected]
Michael Guerin - [email protected]
American Horror Story

Madison Montgomery - 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Angel

Xander Harris - [email protected] 
Willow Rosenburg - [email protected]
Riley Finn - [email protected] 
Percy West - [email protected] 
The Gentlemen - [email protected] 
Eve (Potential Slayer) - [email protected] 
Caridad (Potential Slayer) - [email protected]
Annabelle (Potential Slayer ) - [email protected] 
Mollie Maxfield (Potential Slayer) - [email protected] (rpfun420) 
Jennifer Calender - [email protected] (rpfun420) 
Larry Blaisdell - [email protected]
Amanda ( Potential Slayer) - [email protected]
Andrew Wells - [email protected] 
Warren Mears - [email protected]
Jonathan Levinson - [email protected]
The Annointed One -  [email protected]
Merrick Smythe - [email protected]
Kendra Young - [email protected]
Carrie 2: The Rage / Mean Girls / H20 -

The Jocks - [email protected]
Tracy Campbell - [email protected] 
Monica Jones - [email protected]
Ezra Fitz - [email protected] 
Zane Bennett [email protected]

The Covenant - Sons of Ipswich : Covenat Familes / Bloodlines

Sir Wayne Parry - [email protected]
Sir Joseph Garwin -  [email protected]
Sir Nathaniel Simms -  [email protected]
John Putnam - [email protected]
Pogue Parry - [email protected]  
Reid Garwin - [email protected]  
Tyler Simms - [email protected]
Chase Collins -  [email protected]

The Taylor Family - New York.

Lt. Mac Taylor - [email protected] (remake)
Sen. Zach Taylor - [email protected] 
Robert Taylor - [email protected] (remake)
Jesse Taylor - [email protected] (remake)
Alec Taylor - [email protected] (remake)
Anthony Taylor - [email protected] (remake)

Mixtures - Chicago PD / General Hospital (Mafia)

Max  Romano -  
Anthony Zachara -
Antonio -  [email protected]

Hawaii Five - O

Alex McGarrett - [email protected]

CSI Miami -

Det. Ryan Wolfe - [email protected]
Det. Eric  Delko - [email protected]


Lt. Jethro Gibbs - [email protected]
S. Agent Tony DiNozzo - [email protected]
Timothy - 
G. Callen - [email protected]

Westen Family - Burn Notice - CSI Miami

Lt. Horatio Caine - [email protected] 
Agent Michael Westen - [email protected]
Matt Westen - [email protected]
The Bourne Family (1)

Srgt. James C. Bourne - [email protected]
Lt. J.R. Bourne - [email protected] 
Lt. Charles J. Bourne - [email protected]
Special Agent Jason Bourne - [email protected]
Special Jason Bourne - [email protected]
Lt. E.J. Bourne -  [email protected]
Special Agent James Bourne - [email protected]
Dean WInchester (Bourne) - [email protected]
Jaiden Winchester (Bourne) - [email protected]
Joshua David Bourne - [email protected]
JJ Bourne - [email protected]
Levi Bourne -
Rodney Bourne - [email protected]
Jd Bourne - [email protected]
Lucas Bourne - [email protected]
David Bourne - [email protected]

Austin Bourne - ?

The Bourne Family (2)

Srgt. Charles J. Bourne™ - [email protected] 
Lt. J.R. Bourne™ - [email protected] 
Jessie Bourne™ - [email protected] 
Jamie Bourne™ [email protected] 
Hunter Oliver Bourne™ -Oliver Bourne - [email protected] (J.R. Bourne/ Roxanne) 
Adam Clark Bourne™ - [email protected] (J.R.Bourne/Roxanne) 
S. Agt. Jason Bourne |WSB|SA™ - [email protected] 
E.J. Bourne™ - [email protected] 
James Bourne™  - [email protected] 
Charlene Bourne - [email protected] 
CJ Bourne™ - [email protected] 
Nathaniel Bourne™ - [email protected] (Jason/Marissa) 
Kyle Bourne™ - [email protected] (Jason/Marissa) 
Daniel Bourne™ - [email protected] (Jason/Marissa) 
Brett Bourne™ - [email protected] (Jason/Marissa) (Thomas brodie sangster) (Unborn)  
Rodney Bourne™ [email protected] (Jason/Marissa) (Levi Miller/ Asa butefield) (Unborn)|R.J||P.S. / F.K.  --|
Levi Bourne™(Unborn) - [email protected] (Jason/Marissa) (Jake Lloyd) (Unborn) 
Timmy Bourne™ - [email protected] (James/Hayley) 
Karter Bourne™ - [email protected] (James/Hayley)
Bryan Bourne™ - [email protected] (Hunter Oliver Bourne)  
Charlene Lynn Bourne



John Winchester - [email protected] 
Bobby Singer - [email protected] 
Dean Winchester - [email protected]
Dean Winchester - [email protected]
Dean Winchester - [email protected]
Dean Winchester - [email protected]
Sam Winchester - [email protected]
Sam Winchester - [email protected]
Castiel - [email protected] 
Adam Wincheser - [email protected]
Nathan Winchester - ?
Ben Winchester - [email protected]

The Arrow / The Flash

Oliver Queen - [email protected]
Barry Allen -  ?

Beauty & The Beast

Vincent Keller - [email protected]

The O'Connor Family  / (Fast & Furious)

Brian O'Connor - [email protected] 
Justin O'Connor - [email protected]
The Walking Dead- RPG
The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes  (Alexandria)- [email protected]   
Rick Grimes- [email protected] 
Carl Grimes (Alexandria) - [email protected]  
Daryl Dixon  (Alexandria) - [email protected] 
Merel Dixon - [email protected] 
Glenn Rhee (Alexandria) - [email protected] 
The Governor  (Woodbury)- [email protected] ( spring420) 
Gareth (Terminus) - [email protected] 
Albert (Terminus) - [email protected] (springfield420)  
Mike (Terminus) - [email protected]  
Shane Walsh - [email protected] 
Martin (Terminus) - [email protected] 
Alex (Terminus) - [email protected]
John Walsh (Kingdom) - [email protected] ( rpfun420)  
Jesus (Hilltop) - [email protected] 
The Wolf - [email protected] 
Ron Anderson (Alexandria) - [email protected] 
Negan  (The Sanctuary) - [email protected] 
Abraham Ford (Alexandria)- [email protected] (springfield420) 
Aaron (Alexandria)- [email protected] 
King Ezekiel (the kingdom) - [email protected] 
Hershel Greene - her[email protected] 
Dwight (Savior / The Sanctuary) -    [email protected] 
 Morgan Jones (Alexandria / The Kingdom) - [email protected]  
Simon (savior/ The Sanctuary)- [email protected] -- | (springfield420) 
Henry  (kingdom) - [email protected] 
Zach (Kyle Gallner) (prison/alexandria) - [email protected] 
Daniel (kingdom) -  [email protected] 
Benjamin ( kingdom) -  [email protected] 
Heath, (Alexandria) (Corey Hawkins ) -  [email protected] 
Alden ( Hilltop) - [email protected] 
Gavin  (Savior/The Sanctuary)- [email protected] 
Jared (Savior/The Sanctuary) - [email protected] 
Jerry (Kingdom) -  [email protected] 
Eugene Porter (Alexandria) - [email protected] 
Spencer Monroe (Alexandria) - [email protected] 
Aiden Monroe (Alexandria) -  [email protected] 
Gregory (Hilltop) - [email protected]  
Gabriel (Alexandria) - [email protected] 
Dr.  Harlan Carson (Hilltop)  - [email protected]
Siddiq (Alexandria ) - [email protected] 
Richard ( kingdom) -  [email protected] 
Gage (Hilltop) - [email protected] 
DJ (Hilltop) - [email protected] 
The Walking Dead RPG - [email protected]
So, here we are. Kind of begs the question, right? Who brought this on who? I mean, I get that you’ll just have to take my word for this, but she wasn’t even the one I was aiming for. Like I said, kicks like a bitch. It’s nothing personal. Look, this isn’t how we like to start new business arrangements, but, well, you pricks kind of set the tone, didn’t you?

Karl Makinen
Judith Grimes - 
Mika Samuels - [email protected]

Fear The Walking Dead

Jeff Otto - [email protected] 
Troy Otto - [email protected]
Jake Otto - [email protected]
General Hospital

Sonny Corinthos - [email protected]
Jason Morgan - [email protected]
Michael Corinthos - [email protected]
Morgan Corinthos - [email protected]
Nathan West - [email protected]
 Ethan Lovett - [email protected]
Nicholas Cassadine - [email protected]
Dante Falconeri - [email protected]
Jake Spencer  Morgan - [email protected]
Dr. Patrick Drake - [email protected]
Dr. Griffin Munro - [email protected]

The Weskers (Resident Evil / Umbrella Corp.)

Albert  Wesker - ?
London Wesker -  [email protected]
Marcus Wesker - [email protected]
Viktor Wesker - ?
Evon Wesker - [email protected] 
Michael James III - [email protected] ( remake) 

The Weskers (Resident Evil / Umbrella Corp) 2nd.

London Wesker - [email protected] 
Marcus Wesker - [email protected]
James Wesker - [email protected]
Nathan Wesker - [email protected]
Albert Wesker - [email protected]

The Spencers (Resident Evil / Umbrella Corp. )

Lord Oswell Spencer - [email protected]
Edward Spencer - [email protected]
Trayton Spencer - [email protected]
Matthew Spencer - ?
Alicide Spencer - ?
Dillon Spencer- [email protected]
Jaggard/ Taggard Spencer - [email protected]


Freddy - [email protected] (rpfun420)

Once Upon A Time

The Roussseau

Dylan Rousseau - [email protected] ?

The Sullivans (Mafia Family )

Don Frank Sullivan - [email protected] 
Edward Sullivan - [email protected] 
Ray Sullivan (The God Father) - [email protected] 
John Sullivan - [email protected]
Colin Sullivan - [email protected]
Michael Sullivan - [email protected]
J.R . Sullivan -  [email protected]
Raymond Sullivan - [email protected]
Xavier Sullivan - [email protected]
Thomas Sullivan - [email protected] 
Kevin Sullivan - [email protected]

The Hunts Family

Tony Hunt - [email protected]
Aaron Hunt - [email protected] 
Warren Hunt - [email protected]
Brady Hunt - [email protected]
Kol Mikaelson
The Bartletts / The West Wing

President Josiah Bartlett - [email protected] 
Sam Bartlett - [email protected] 
Logan Bartlett- [email protected] 
Michael Bartlett - [email protected] 
Bentley -  [email protected] 

Beauty And The Beast ( movie)
Vincent - [email protected] 

The Ewings ( Dallas )

J.R  Ewing -  [email protected] 
Bobby Wing - [email protected] 
John Ross -  [email protected] 
Chris Ewing - [email protected] 
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