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12/02/2019 05:54 PM 

Broodwing General Of Evil Empire, Lord Moltor

Broodwing is a three-eyed vampire bat-like alien who is encased in an artificial environment as demonstrated by the jar on his head. 

Broodwing is a very evil yet also unemotional alien that was selling weapons, creatures, and robots to anyone who could afford it. He only cared about the money he made and nothing about the destruction that follows.

Broodwing takes pride in his merchant skills and begins to plot revenge on Emperor Gruumm when he starts ordering him to offer his services while refusing to pay. He later came into contact with Gruumm and started being his weapons and Krybot supplier, as well as finding and corrupting monsters to help serve their purposes.

Eventually, when Gruumm stopped paying him for his services, Broodwing went rogue and vowed to defeat the S.P.D. Rangers himself and take down the Troobian Empire as well. In the final scenes, when the S.P.D. Earth Commander, Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, was captured by the rogue A-Squad Rangers and brought to Gruumm's spacecraft, Broodwing took advantage of this and invaded the Delta Base with four monsters and a Krybot army and activate the Delta Command Megazord.


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