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12/02/2019 12:34 PM 

The Jedi Code

My code or rules.
You should follow them.
And read them.
That's all.

I.) Storylines are of course a must when writing with me. I don't accept just random starters/comments out of the blue. I also like doing stories that have yet to happen in the Star Wars universe. In other words, let's be unique! Different! I'm sure we can come up with something interesting/fun enough to do so.

II.) Crossovers are accepted in this account. I don't just stick to one verse. I can place Obi-Wan almost anywhere should the storyline be good enough for it. Just come up with a reason for us to interact together and I'm sure we can think up an idea.

III.) Literacy is of course a must. I don't write with anyone under multi-paragraph style writing. One-liners and para style writers, that's a waste of my time. Unless of course, it's on discord. I don't mind doing the occasional banter there or even in messages. But as for main storylines, it's multi-paragraph or higher. 1500 words plus each comment. Correct grammar, spelling, is also encouraged. Typos are fine. No text talk.

IV.) What's your favorite Star Wars movie? So, I don't write in messages. Unless it's again as stated above, banter. I do all my writing in comments or group topics. I like writing with more than one writer at a time. Makes things more fun than just one on one sort of thing. I'll tell you my least liked/hated movie is Last Jedi. Now. Moving on.

V.) I do accept romantic interests. I prefer Obi-Wan with either Siri Tachi or Satine Kryze. Please do not make choose a preference, I like them both. Women only for this rule. Obi-Wan is able to love without attachment. So he's very capable of it, even more so than Anakin. Who could never get over losing a loved one. Obi-Wan can. Also, enough of my ramble. I don't mind multi-shippers either. Let's continue.

VI.) I know people have these things called mains. See, I don't. I will write with just about anyone. I won't have a select few above everyone else. That's not very fair to the new writers who come along. However, I will list you on my page if you so wish. It's a special treat. Those people in those spots get cookies. Feel free to ask. After we get the storyline going and moving of course.

VII.) This profile is an adult themed profile. I don't like keeping my writing any other way. After all, who would? That's boring. Dark themes apply. Think blood, guts, gun, gore. Lightsabers. Death. Violence. Swearing. Blood. I do not accept anyone under the age of 18 on my friend list.

VIII.) There will be no drama allowed on this page. Any out of character drama will have you deleted and not allowed back on. In character drama is fine though. Also, what's your favorite non related Star Wars movie thing about Star Wars? It can be a book, comic book, video game, animated series. Whatever. Just include it at the end of these rules.

IX.) How I write my Obi-Wan? I'm glad you asked. There is many ways to possibly do so. I go with whatever the storyline requires of me. I don't mind writing him in his days in exile. Or him training Luke Skywalker, the Clone Wars, or even his days as an apprentice to Qui-Gon Jinn. It's up to you really and what we decide on the final outcome of our story will be. Hell, I can even place him in the current story or past stories because of time travel or something gone wrong in the force.

X.) So if you have rules, let me know! I'll sign them for ya! But till then, looking forward to hearing from you about a storyline! Let's get discussing. And as long as you've done everything these rules have said, that's all I can ask of you. Also, please post some kind of gif of your character at the end of this along with your comment. Thanks!

-Obi-Wan Kenobi


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𝓡oyal 𝓡ebel


Despite it's bad directing, My favorite remains Attack of the Clones, if singularly for Padme's fierce dedication and bad assery. A close second, is the quintessential Empire Strikes Back. Though the Original Trilogy as a whole continues to hold a place forever in my heart.

Posted on Mon Dec 02, 2019, 11:54



I still find the Original trilogy the best and my favorite movie would be the Empire Strikes Back. 

Posted on Mon Dec 02, 2019, 03:17

Lady Kenobi


Posted on Mon Dec 02, 2019, 02:49

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