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December 9th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 39
Country: Romania

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November 26, 2019



12/02/2019 12:01 PM 

it all starts here ( 001 )


NAME: Dominik Cel Tradat.

ALIAS: The Assassin, Black Death ( before joining the order ).

NICKNAMES: Dom, Nik, Cel.

DATE OF BIRTH: 12/13/1980.

AGE: 39 yrs old.

BIRTHPLACE: Timis, Romania.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Blackhollow, California.

SEXUALITY: Bisexual.


RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, and terrified of intimacy.

SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Romanian and English.

HEIGHT: 6’2.
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Paranoid, short tempered, quiet, reserved, intelligent, skittish, avoidant, compassionate, loyal, and stubborn.

ILLNESSES: Severe sleep paralysis.

MENTAL ILLNESSES: Paranoia, and depression.

LIKES: Motorcycles, leather, dogs, silver, scotch, cats, snakes, leather bound books, and writing.

DISLIKES: Sleep, rapists, child predators, smoking, his family.

ABILITIES: The ability to paralyze someone by touch, he’s capable of using his mind to paralyze a target, but at a great cost. If he hasn’t slept then the ability isn’t possible, and when he’s able to use it, it takes a great emotional and mental toll on him. Due to his fear of harming the people close to him, he wears thick leather biker gloves over his hands at all times.


Born to a poor family in Romania, Dominik grew up expecting to live a short and rough life, his father worked until cancer claimed him, leaving him a child with a single mother in such an unforgiving and rather poor society. While his mother did whatever she could to keep a roof over their heads, he’d spend much of his time outside wandering the area surrounding his small and shabby home. Born an inquisitive child, he often spent time looking after a small pack of stray dogs, naming each one once he discovered them, they were outcasts just like him, tossed aside by the rest of society. Unfortunately, his mother abhorred dogs, so the pack of hounds was kept a secret from her. 

  Things took a turn for the worse when he began having trouble sleeping, whenever he’d lay down at night, his body quick to betray him, causing him to freeze in place and witness horrendous hallucinations. Often these would include; his father as a rotting corpse, his pack of stray dogs tearing into his flesh, or his mother being ripped apart by crows. And because of these visions, he began to avoid sleeping, instead spending time repairing motorcycles and broken down old cars to earn money to help his mother.

 As a young teenager, he soon found himself infatuated with a girl that lived down the road, and he was lucky enough to learn that she felt the same as he did. Overcome with love and devotion for her, he’d reached towards her to frame her face with his hands, only for something horrific to occur as a result. As soon as he touched her, she froze in place, unable to move her entire body. Fear had overtaken him then, and because he had touched her with such passion, his power had killed her. His village would label him a murderer, and his mother would disown him for it.

Pushed away from society, he was eventually grabbed from the streets for his abilities, and locked away because he was different. Being locked away for so long would turn him paranoid and driven by vengeance. He was not an animal meant to be locked away in a cage. Luckily he would eventually escape the institute, killing anyone that worked for them before he was recruited into the order by Alexei. 


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