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May 18th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
Country: United States

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October 01, 2019



11/20/2019 01:23 PM 


Crystal has a lot of traditions in her house hold. She likes to decorate her house for Thanksgiving every year. She also loves to go around the table and tell everyone what she’s thankful for in her life. Crystal loves to cook for friends and family for Thanksgiving. She does this every year even though she doesn’t have a ton of family. She loves to get together and eat dinner with them on Thanksgiving Day. She loves to spend Thanksgiving with her son and her ex husband Chase. They mean everything to her and she loves spending the holidays with them. She loves giving Thanksgiving presents to let her family know she cares. She also loves to take them places to see how amazing the earth can be and what they all have to be thankful for.

Crystal has so much to be thankful for in her life. She has so many people she loves to be around all the time. She also loves to go outside and just be with nature. She is thankful for everything God has given her. She also loves going to parades. More so she loves taking her son to the parades. She loves to his see his eyes light up when he’s there. It makes her feel like she’s doing something right as a mother. Crystal loves spending time with the family she has left that are good and her friends. She loves big get togethers and to put on shows with them. She also loves to hang out with them and eat dinner with them for a tradition. She finds it to be comforting to have family around. She loves being around them and sharing memories with them.

The most happiness and traditional thing for Crystal is the activities. She loves going to the parades at work. She loves making the little kids happy who watch the parade. She loves taking her son there so he can see it too. Her job is one of her favorite things and she loves working there. Getting to be a Disney Princess in the parade is amazing to her. She loves making the little kids happy. To see smiles on their faces brings her great joy. She loves taking pictures with everyone. This is something that isn’t just a job to her but also a tradition. She loves doing this every Thanksgiving. It’s one of her favorite traditions and she would never give it up. She loves spending Thanksgiving with people. She is very thankful for everyone who is in her life right now. 


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