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11/08/2019 05:14 PM 

The grand gesture
Category: Stories

A cloud of cold air left her lips that night on the rooftop he was like a vulture circling around her as he spoke she’d let him down and he had lost trust in her her eyes closed as she sucked a shaky breath in ‘No emotion Candice’ her brain told her as a hand clasped her right shoulder he was stood behind her now his mouth close to her left ear she could feel his warm breath in her neck the stench of Brandy filled her nostrils but this smell was familiar to her, It was home.

‘Candice, You know I have to make a show of you love’ Her eyes now opened as she looked out on the horizon, Nik’s Words filling her ears he was being nice or as nice could go for Nik before bringing her up to the roof he had shown his men what happens when you don’t comply striking her with the butt of his gun it connecting with her mouth, he had to make a show of her everyone knew they were sleeping together what kinda boss would he be if he let it slide? She swallowed hard like she had just dry swallowed a pill the moisture sapped out of her mouth due to fear, Yes she feared this man. She was shaking but that was something she could blame on the cold not her fear she wasn’t allowed to show emotion ‘You have to show them baby, Show them how cold you are! Show them what I’ve created’ he said softly kissing her neck now but his mood instantly changed as he yanked her hair back forcing her body to fall back onto his his left arm snaking around her waist ‘F*** them, Show me I need a grand gesture! Show me how much you want this and maybe I’ll f***ing let you live’ he shoved her away she felt the sting in her eyes but she dared not cry, Not here not now and definitely not in front of Nik she didn’t even look at him as he walked back to the door ‘Oh and Candice? Don’t let me down it’ll be such a waste’ she nodded still facing away from him inches from the edge of the building “Yes sir!” She finally found her voice sure and steady after he had left she stayed up there freezing for what seemed an eternity before marching back down and out of the door she knew what she had to do. Arriving at her home she sighed opening the door the warmth of the home hit her and made her feel nostalgic and guilty all at once she composed herself she couldn’t feel yet otherwise she’d never do it she’d never be able to prove herself to them.. No to him, All she ever wanted was for Nik to approve ‘Candice your home!’ The warm voice of a man who had raised her from the age of five “Hey Eddie’” she smiled but it didn’t quite reach her eyes he noticed ‘What’s wrong?’ She shook her head this men meant the world to her and everyone knew it, This was the only way “Come with me? Please I need help” she pleaded and of course he complied because he trusted her.

The drive back to Nik’s Mansion was a tense one he was asking questions she couldn’t answer that she didn’t want too she pushed all emotional baggage away now she had to be strong but she needed him to know something “I wanna thank you, For everything I am sorry I didn’t turn out the way you wanted” these were her last words to the man that raised her she pulled up and stepped out of the car nodding for him to follow ‘Where are we? What are we doing here?’ She didn’t respond she just walked leading the beautiful soul to his death, All eyes turned to her as they walked in Nik with his Brandy in hand raised his brow at her ‘Candice what’s going on who are these people’ Candice stood in front of Eddie now everything went so quick but seemed so slow all at the same time as she reached around her back and pulled her gun seeing his face change from concern to absolute fear she pulled the trigger the bullet ripped right through his forehead and left out the back of his skull the few men behind covered with blood and parts of head and brain Candice seen it all she didn’t even close her eyes and she knew Nik saw that now looking at him she bowed “Grand enough for you?” She turned to leave all she could hear apart from her departing footsteps was Nik’s sadistic laugh and him clapping for her.

She was forgiven.


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