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11/07/2019 10:48 PM 

Plot Bunnies/Connections Ideas

All of these are just ideas and can be developed to fit both writers. 

Childhood Friends - This is someone who grew up in New York. The two girls were inseparable until Harlow left New York when they were 13 years old. Harlow first met Muse B when the two were only five years old. They grew up together and did everything together, but when Harlow was taken from New York by her father, Harlow left without a word, causing Muse B to be left angry. They don’t meet again the two run into one another at a bar; both drunk and not thinking clearly, this could go many ways.

Ex boyfriend 
Harlow broke his heart. The two met after Harlow arrived in New York but Harlow wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be with anyone. After a drunken fight, she went out and cheated on him. Rather than face the consequences of her actions, Harlow ended things in a text before leaving New York for several months without a word. 

It’s not me, it’s you (female connection) - Muse B was Harlow’s first girl crush when Harlow was 15 years old. She had no idea how to deal with it, so Harlow turned into Muse B’s tormenter. She’d bully Muse B and do everything she could to make her life a living hell, until she was 17. During a argument where Muse B stood up to Harlow, Harlow kissed the other female. She was in denial and continued to bully Muse B until she left and moved back to New York

Half Sibling (Male or female) -  Harlow and Muse B share the same father and didn't grow up together. This can be developed on. 

Ex boyfriend/Girlfriend Harlow and Muse B had an on again off again relationship for a couple of years, though their relationship was unhealthy and very toxic, mostly due to the couples addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Frenemy - Harlow and Muse B can't stand one another, but when they are drunk they act like best friends. It's never their attention and when they don't have a drink in hand, and sometimes even when they do, they are nasty and make snide remarks to one another, but before the night is out, no one would be able to tell that they have a strong distain for each other - Jill

You are my drug (Female Ex) - Harlow and Muse B's relationship began as a friendship. The two girls became very close and Harlow grew an unhealthy attachment to Muse B. Suddenly everything was about her and Harlow needed to get away, so one day, Harlow packed up and left New York without a word to anyone, including Muse B.

Roommate/Neighbor Connections( One of each) - Self explanatory but must be someone in Queens

Rehab buddy - Harlow and Muse B were in rehab together. Feelings developed and they became more than just friends; replacing their addiction with each other. However, when Muse B left, they promised to continue their romance but never did, instead, Muse B completely cut all contact with Harlow and they didn't see one another until running in to each other in New York. - Lily

Ride and die

Brother type 
Muse B and Harlow met when they were younger. Muse B was older than Harlow by a couple of years and the two became very close. He is like the brother that she never had. - Carter 


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