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11/07/2019 02:30 PM 

Goddess of Spades Stories

Thinking silently to herself as she was trying to get down to business with this whole hunting down this female demon, who she had a feeling was Lilith, she was well not exactly un heard of, matter of fact Lilith was once one the Amazonian women would worship in order to become immortal, like their Gods, and well as it was, Anne had a run in with such a Amazonian who did just that, and could not kill her with her weapons for the most part. Of course it was one she had been sent to hunt because of the gift Lilith had given her, she apparently went on a frenzy killing half over her community. Now that was one hunt Anne never forgot, two reason, one it was one who had trained her to hunt. Did she think she would ever have what she was taught against the one who taught her? Well of course not. The fact this Lilith had got passed the enchantment's surrounding the island was beyond even the Queen herself, and so that was not Anne's run in with Lilith, but a product of her evil doings. Her Run in was pretty much going to happen sooner or later, and she hoped she would not have to do to her own brother, what she had to do to her own close friend and teacher all those years ago. Talking about biting the hand that feeds you.. Well Anne had her share of such, only she did worse than bite, she tore the hand right off. And so this is brought up because this arrogant prat had struck her nerve, not once but twice. The Twins, well she and them were not so different, and as for her reasoning behind Catharine's death, well she did not do it for any reasons he mentioned, and for the record calling her selfish was the second strike. Anne was not selfish, she did things for others, hardly asked anything for her, matter a fact she did not ask for anything, it was others who gifted her. One more strike, prat watch yourself�Anne thought to herself , only because he has struck a nerve with her, not once but twice.. And well she hoped he would watch his words now. Though it was still on to business, she would agree in allowing him to help her, though it really is going to go against everything she stood for and she was taught. She would have to say the words first, the ones you say when you wish to e hypothetical. "Well I see, well this Lilith must get around then? I have.. well had my run in with her crazed vampires before, though I could not see why one would crave for mortal blood or even the blood of Gods and Goddess, but what do I know. I only knew she had once been worshipped by a hand full of women." Anne begun after hearing his last few words, taking in what t5he had said and with what she just told him, She got to her feet and begun to pace. "So, Your Uncle's first wife, well is now your Queen. Hmm I suppose you demons like to keep it in the family? Sounds like Henry." she giggles a little and then takes a deep breath, bringing back a straight face. "Well it's like Henry, marrying his brother's widow, then when he had my sister as his mistress, and now what do you know, now me. Hmm funny how similar you two are?" she said tilting her head to one side giving him a questionable look.. To her this was well a bit too similar, but she must keep to what she is actually there for, "Forgive me, a conversation for much later, if there is one. Anyway back to Lilith. If she cannot be killed what can be done, since it looks like banishment did not to the job. And maybe I should try and find this Uncle, if he is or may be protecting her. "Anne finished as she stopped in mid pace to look at him, "So tell me if I am to have your help in any way, what do you want for it? And don't plays coy with me either, I was told how all demons, and those of the Underworld are prone to making deals out of anything. So if that is the way I may get your help, then I might do it, I just want to know what you want in return." These were her last words for now as she made her way walking around him. Taking him in all the way, research in a way, you could say. By observing him in a calmer setting. She could take in his aura, and sense him. Though it seemed he was well or seemed a bit harder than she thought to read, but she could read a bit of him, even if she was getting a mix of all sorts. Then again, he was a demon, and as it seemed one having to do with lust. That last part was not hard to pick up on, at first touch, she could sense it from him. Well she would not let him have the pleasure of even thinking she would fall for any of his little tricks.


Uncle Lucifer, the king, the emperor of hell, yes he is a character all on his own. Whatever you learned about him in your Sunday school classes and Bible, forget it for he is nothing of what you were lead to believe. He created Lilith because he could not have the family and wife he truly wanted. Unfortunate for Lilith she did fall in love with him, deeply, and it was that love she saw he would never return because his heart and damned soul would always belong to another. It was this love that drove her to madness. Even with the son, she bore him uncle Lucifer still would not love her the same way he loved another. Their son, was none other than my grandfather Cain, yes, that one. Eventually it got so bad between them that uncle Lucifer had no choice but to unbound her from him and strip her of her title as Queen. She was his first creation. I guess you can't get it right the first time, huh? So why am I giving you this background? Because who do you think it is that is cloaking the vampire?

I listened to her as she spoke. I could not help but smirk in amusement when she mentioned Henry keeping it in the family. "Oh I can assure you, you haven't a clue. My family is more like yours than Henry." I let out a soft chuckle. "Trust me Anne, consider yourself lucky you have not run into her. Truth be told, you really aren't missing much. She is but a shell of what she once was." I paused before dropping the other shoe. "As for meeting my uncle that will be a bit difficult as well unless you have access to his realm." I then dropped my features to a deep gaze tilting my head to the side curiously once more watching as she paced. "My uncle is more powerful than I will ever aspire to be, why? Because he is none other than the most famous and infamous of us all, he is the one who started all of this to begin with." I paused once more for dramatic effect. "Tell� me something Goddess, would you really want to meet the Emperor of Hell himself? I'm not quite sure Uncle Lucifer will give her up even if we asked him nicely." I want to let her digest that next bit of information before we talked deal.�

TIME TO LISTEN,NOT SPEAK Has much as Anne refused to admit it, and possibly him, HE seemed like he needed to speak more. Like he truly needed someone to listen to him. Even a King needs a listening ear? Right? Well she could only hope before she would venture on her journey, she well would need more information. And since it was apparent, Lucifer was being cloaking the Demon Lilith, than she was sure that whatever he could tell her, even if it may be hard to do. It may help her none the less. She sat up leaning towards him in her chair, and sighed. She would take in all o him words thus far carefully. Knowing everything he would say had importance. Funny part was that he was not the only one with such a run in with a crazed demon as Lilith. Though that I not of importance at this time, right now it seemed the key would e meeting this uncle of his. She would nod at his words of being glad not to have met Lilith, but she also would eventually have to meet the crazed demoness. "Well you are in luck, I am a goddess, and well one such as I was taught several things, and well I was born magically talented, from my mother's side, so to answer your question, yes I am capable of going between realms and even ack or forward in time, But I am only permitted to do that sort of magic if it is of absolute importance. And seeing as I need the rat back, I would say it is. " She said as she got to her feet and went up to him, whispers, "Don't even think I am falling for anything, I only will say this purely because I need as much information as I can get. If you wish to speak of more, alone. I am here to listen if you need a ear. " She said as she then turned ack and went to begin picking up her arrows out of demon and human corpses alike. "I will surely be around for a while to give you my listening services, Nothing Else!" she finished as she looked around and collected all te arrows that were not broken or burned to ask. "And who said anything about asking nicely? I mean I suppose I could attempt to negociate, but somehow unless I made a deal with him, which I would not ever do, not for a child God that has no care for life, let alone his own. He is not worth giving up what soul I have left." She said to him as she turned to catch his eyes upon her. "What? Is there something on my dress? Or did I miss a arrow?" she asked looking at him. She knew one thing, she really needed to get going. She knew time was of the essence, and she had only had less than a week or so to get her brother back. "So, what is it going to be? What would you want in return to help me bring back my brother?" she asked him finally standing inches from him. Whatever it may have been, she hoped it was not what soul she had or anything having to do with her. She could or would give him or do something for him if need be, like hunt down something or someone if he would ever need it, or give him women to feed his well 'Appitite.' Sort of speak.


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