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11/07/2019 11:29 AM 

Starter Example Seven: Retirment

Sneeden Family Farms
Auburn, Alabama
United States

The air was beginning to dry out and cool down.  Freezing and snow in this part of the state was rare, but there had been some record years of powder and freezing temps, even if it only lasted a few days at most.  Either way, it was important to check and ensure everything was ready to house thirty head of horses and one hundred head of cattle.  This included the barns, sheds and stocks of feed, hay and water sources.  The heating for the water needed to be checked to be sure it would work when the temperatures dropped below freezing.

Thus far, the barns had been cleaned and re-bedded and the collection of hay and grain had been distributed as needed for the number of animals to be housed in each barn and shed.  Blankets, coats and emergency heating pads/blankets were also stored safely in the tack rooms to ensure any sick, injured, old or newborn animals would be warm and dry.  Extra bedding had also been brought in close to add to the stalls and pens if needed.

The sound of a tractor running, cattle lowing and horses nickering, illumination from floodlights and headlights, and the sight of a pair of dogs bounding about gave away the position of the farm's caretaker and owner.

It had been years since he'd been put onto reserve duty, then retired altogether.  Even then, he made a routine of running before chores and breakfast.  He'd been up since 0300 already, but he felt no fatigue as of yet, even after the run and having now gotten quite a bit of work done.  He was just getting started as far as he was concerned.

The soft light of the kitchen flickered on.

His elderly mother was awake and no doubt ready to start breakfast.  His elderly father would likely start a fire in the parlor room to chase the chill from the house.  His son was going to sleep a little longer, and rightly so as he'd arrived home on leave at 0330.

As a military family, no one was going to complain about letting a tired soldier sleep in his own bed where it was quiet, safe and warm.

Pulling a small section of fence to tighten and lock it down, Wayne finished repairing a weakened part of the enclosure.  All the while, his attention seeking hoard of Hereford cattle surrounded his workspace.  Off in the distance, his Quarter Horses watched eagerly over the boundaries of their paddocks similarly wanting attention.

They'd all been fed and watered, but they were all extremely social with humans, thus leading to his current situation of being bothered while he worked on his last project for the morning hours before breakfast.

His Australasian Shepherd and German Rottweiler pup seemed to be trying to help give him distance, though failed miserably as the cattle ignored them or tended to find brief entertainment by playing with them.


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