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October 17th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 30
Country: United States

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October 09, 2019



10/09/2019 11:56 PM 


1. I’m the original writer and creator behind Brian David. Nick Harper is my best friend both in rp and RL. I’m just taking over for him. Having a multi character profile is easier for me to keep track of than a bunch. Also, yes, I am a girl playing two gay male character’s. 

2. I am multi character/ multi ship. That doesn’t mean they’ll jump into bed with just anyone. You have to earn their heart. Also I am married in real life. 

3. Pic Edits: I know making pics is a major pain. I’m still learning how to myself. All I ask is that you do not touch my edits with my character’s name’s on them. Any other edits if you use them just put a simple Thank You where credit is due. I will also be posting the originals if you care to use them. 

4. PC4PC: pic comments for pic comments. I love them. Plain and simple. 

5. Length: I honestly don’t care what length your starters and replies are. Write whatever you want. I don’t mind at all. The only thing that irritates me to no end is if I send a 5 paragraph and get *yup* in return. At least give me a couple sentences. 

6. Grammar: spelling and grammar issues can occur. I struggle with a learning disability. So I won’t give you a hard time about mistakes. If I don’t understand something I will message you personally so we can discuss it together. 

7. Starters: I am cool with random generic starters. Giving and receiving. Mine can be found in my blog. 

8. Storyline Ideas: I say you’re only limited by your own imagination. Have them get kidnapped; framed for murder; switch bodies with someone; get shrunk; etc. I am all for it.


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