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Roanoke Intro

Attn: Rebekah/Anyone  Mentions: Sam Winchester
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178

The Colony of Roanoke
18 August 1590

It had taken too long for them to retrieve the needed supplies to return to the long English colony out there in the wilderness of the New World.  Governor John White was quite anxious to return to his daughter and his brand new baby granddaughter Virginia Dare.  The last time he’d seen the babe, she was barely able to hold up her head.  Now it was three years later.   That baby should have come out to greet her grandfather, but that didn’t happen. The first English child born in the New World was gone and so was her entire family.  The entire expanse of the settlement was gone without a trace.  It was almost as though they’d fallen off the face of the earth.

The Governor sent out his party to try and find any sort of sign as to what happened to their people.   Among the men that had arrived with the Governor was a man by the name of Elijah Mikaelson.   A nobleman in the court of the British King, the eldest living Mikaelson had been able to put himself in a prime position to help provide the needed supplies for the starving settlers that had been left behind.  Had it not been for Elijah, they wouldn’t have obtained the supplies they needed.   He moved among the others in the vast empty fields that remained to try and locate the missing Englishmen.

The grandest tree in the entire area had a single word written on it.  Croatoan.   Given that more than five hundred years prior, Elijah and his siblings had actually grown up playing in these woods as part of a Viking Settlement that name meant something.   He knew that there were natives all around with varying tribe names.  Croatoan was only one of many.   What would the Governor do if he knew that a five hundred year old Original Vampire was among the group searching for the survivors.   Elijah was many things, but he would never feed upon children.  He however would be the best one to help save the survivors… even if they were alive.

Elijah had taken great pains to make sure that his name remained off the register of those who had gone with the company to Roanoke from back in England.   He didn’t need any sort of paper trail for his father to try and find him.   He came along here with the rescue mission for an ulterior purpose.  He wanted to make sure it was safe here for him to bring his siblings back here.   Travel across the ocean was so damned treacherous, even for a single vampire.  Traveling across the ocean with a family of vampires was not going to be an easy task.  Elijah had to be sure.  This was the only way he knew how to do it.

Sliding away from the company, he went on his own search pattern.   He still remembered these woods all too well.  In 500 years, nothing truly had changed.   This worked to his advantage.   Let’s see how long that lasts.  He told himself.


New Orleans, LA
Current Day

It was a new day in the Quarter.  The Mikaelson Family was back in their home away from home.   In over a millennia of running and wandering the planet, the one place they were the happiest was the jewel of the Louisiana Territory, New Orleans.   Elijah had just emerged from his bedroom with a simple white shirt and a dark navy tie.  His sleeves were rolled up as he made his way down to the courtyard.  

As many other mornings that Elijah woke before his siblings did, he made his way to his favorite spot in the courtyard.  He had his newspaper under his arm as he took a seat.  He opened it with a movement of his wrists to spread the pages in his vision.   A story out of Texas caught his eye.   The name Croatoan on the tree was something he would never forget even though he tried hard to do so.  

The footsteps of the household servant caused him to lower his paper.   “Good morning, Mr. Mikaelson.  Would you care for anything for breakfast?”   She was a petite woman of Asian descent.   She was purely human and voluntarily worked for them.  She was paid quite well for her position as well.   She stood ready to open a vein for Elijah should he want it.

The Croatoan name in the paper had thrown his concentration quite solidly.   “No.”  He held up a hand referring to the fact she was ready to give him fresh blood if he wanted it.  “Just coffee please.”   He laid the paper down even as she turned around to head back into the kitchen.   He didn’t want to go to Texas, but he had to seriously consider it at this point.    He couldn’t run the risk of this getting anywhere near New Orleans.

He continued to read the article with great interest.  Memories of what had happened in Roanoke in 1590 were assaulting his senses.   He needed to stay out of it.  Hopefully the record was clear that he was even there.  Then again, there were resourceful hunters like Sam Winchester out there who could find out things that vampires and other supernatural creatures wanted to keep hidden from the world.  

The thought nearly paralyzed him.  The Men of Letters would have likely known he was in Roanoke.  It wasn’t until much later that he realized a man with an Aquarian Star pendant was there.    “GO-DDAMMIT!”  Elijah shouted as he picked up the table.  He tossed it across the courtyard with a loud crashing sound.   Someone was going to find out he was there.

He was going to have to get into all this after all.

credit: james kriet


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