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10/09/2019 03:26 PM 

vl-all #2 [ AU drabble ]

With the camera clicking on, the curly haired boy smiled big, glasses and all. "Hey guys!" The boy chuckled and tried to fix his grip, deciding to put the camera on his stack of books by his bed. "It's Vl-all episodes time. I know, it's a stupid name but honestly, I love this time of year, especially here in New York!" The boy's smile was contagious, he was always smiling. It was mostly why people wanted Vlogs from him rather than of his brother, though his brother was fourteen years old and usually spent more time with his friends rather than hanging with his little eleven year old brother. 

"Today, I thought I would bring you guys with me to the Fall Festival here in my city. It's something that happens every weekend until like, uh, I think 'til the weekend before Thanksgiving. If you've seen my vlogs from last year, you'll probably remember it" He chuckled and grabbed the camera, getting up from his bed. "Oh! I got a new set up in my room since my brother wanted to stay in the basement. Cause he thinks it's lame to really share a room with his brother. I think the basement is creepy" Oliver shivered. "It's all gross and yucky and grimey but he says it's what he wants sooooooo, my gain and his loss!" He let out a small giggle before turning the camera around. 

The room was different from the last time his viewers had seen it. Last time, the room was two shades of blue; a dark blue and a baby blue which were ombre into one another. Since the boys liked blue but liked different shades, their parents meshed the two into one. On the one side of the room was his brother's which was covered in Beatles posters along with music posters and pictures of his friends and a full sized bed with a mix of blue colored sheets, blankets, and pillows. In the middle of the wall that was blended with the two blues was their dressers which were put together, the blues opposite of the wall to give it a contrast and then it was Oliver's side of the room. His side had a twin bed with his yellow submarine sheets and a ton of different bands posters on his wall and drawings and pictures of friends and family along with the closet next to his bed, which had a poster of the boys favorite classic horror movies on it such as 'Psycho', 'The Shining', 'The Exorcist', 'Rosemary's Baby', 'Carrie' and many others. It was something that the boys made together. 

Now, the room was about the same but missing his brother's side of the room, minus the posters and stuff still on the walls since there weren't any walls in the basement for his brother to put them up. 

"It's not really that different from the last time I did a room tour, just minus my brother's stuff" Oliver laughed some, showing off the room and soon turned the camera on himself. "I also wanted to say I'm sorry for this being the second vlog and it's already like 3 weeks into Fall but you guys gotta remember, I am in school and stuff, so I'm not around a whole lot but I'm gonna try and work harder on it because I know you guys like my vlogs" The boy smiled at the camera, walking out of his room and headed downstairs. "My mom and dad aren't home. I'm about to actually head out and meet them down at the festival" He set the camera on the small table by the door and waved. 

A moment later, the video began to go faster, Oliver putting his shoes on and his jacket on and doing a little dance, which then stopped to Oliver picking the camera up. "Okay, all ready to go" He grabbed his house keys and headed out, locking the door. "I've seen a lot of comments from some of you guys asking how if I'm only 11, that I can ride the train alone and stuff and honestly, it's not that hard. I've been doing it since I was like, I dunno 7 or 8. So, my parents don't seem to mind and I know the main routes to get where I gotta go" He headed down the steps of his house and waved to some neighbors. 

The video faded out and soon came back to Oliver holding his camera up, passing people and had some stuff in his hands. "Hey guys, sorry, I had to put the camera down. I don't like to vlog in the subway since there's too many people around and I'm a kid after all, things can easily be taken" He laughed some. "I got a couple things here that I found and bought. My mom has the bags, so I gotta go find them. I'll catch back with you guys when I find them" The video faded to black. 

The video came back to Oliver again, holding the camera somewhat close and a bit high up. "Okay, so it's like hours later. My mom didn't wanna be on the camera and stuff and my dad wanted me to find my brother. You guys didn't miss much except maybe this awesome blow up Jack Skellington!" Oliver turned the camera around to a huge blow up Jack Skellington in the middle of the festival, people passing him. "This year, they made it a freaking nightmare before Christmas theme! So freaking epic!" His laugh could be heard, soon the camera turning around back to the boy. 

"I know my vlog today isn't the best but I mean, I'm here at the festival and enjoying vl-all day like twenty or something but it's really just vl-all number 2! Which, I'm sorry again you guuuyyss" He frowned a little and soon his brother came into frame as he waved. "Heya guys!" He smiled. Oliver looked back and laughed a little. "There's the infamous big brother. Say hi to him guys" Oliver put the camera on his brother. 

"Hey guys!" The oldest Teufel waved and smiled. "Hope Ollie's vlog isn't too boring for you guys. I know you miss me" He teased and grabbed the camera from the youngest, pulling Oliver to him and put the camera on both of them. "This is probably gonna be the end of the vlog because Ollie here has a family to get back to, so we'll catch you guys later!" The camera went black again. 

The video went back to Oliver but now in his room. "It's the next day, sorry guys. As my brother was saying, had family and stuff. I do hope you enjoyed this video, though. If you did, give it a big thumbs up! And don't forget to subscribe because I'll be putting more videos out shortly! Oh and!" Oliver got up from sitting on his bed, disappearing from the video before coming back with a box. "I got new merch you guys! My mom helped me and everything! We still have the old merch with me and my brother but I've got new merch with me on it!" He took out a white tshirt with him sitting on it with his name across it. "See! Me! They're ready to order. The link will be in the description box! Let me know on instagram with the hashtag olliemerch when you get your merch! I'll be sure to share them! Thanks you guys! Have a great tastical day!" He put the shirt down and waved, clicking the camera off. 


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