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Vampire King Lestat

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October 22nd, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 31
Country: Suriname

Signup Date:
March 05, 2016



10/09/2019 02:49 PM 

Lestat’s RulesDeletion will occur and if you

I only have a few requests but for you humans consider it more like guide lines or rules. Humans are so pathetic! Well here they are.

I suppose is should just start off in saying that if you add me I expect a connection it’s not that hard to ask..well unless your human than I will think of you more as scum and you should be begging me to chat. If your a creature don’t be shy I won’t bite.. well maybe I will. If you are here for well how can I say this.. for numbers!! You should look else where this vampire is quiet old and isn’t playing such dumb pathetic human games I will delete you. 

Than there is the drama I seem to be seeing a lot on this channel if your part of it I may as well vote you and drain all your blood and leave your body life less for a dog to eat. Deletion will happen and if you have a problem with that I will tell the admins I have no problem sending your dark soul to hell where it belongs. 

I am dark nature as you can tell I’m not the sort to fall in love so easily after Jesse’s death things have changed drastically and if you wish for affection you can try but most likely you will fail I’m quiet picky and as you can see I’m dead if your human your life span is quiet short and I will live on. 

As for my characters standards I will connect to any vampire, werewolf or fantasy base line however I do expect mains in series such as the vampire diaries, my own series of the queen of the damned and more. 

I am a multipara writer which means I write more than three paras at a time and one liners are not allowed. If this is an issue for your pathetic minds than please leave my page and don’t come back. If you stay well I will have no choice but to remove your head From your body.

I believe I covered over everything and if you agree with my guidelines please let me know down below and I’ll send you a greeting 

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💙Rebellious Heart💙


Very straight forward. I shall follow them to the best of my ability. 
Nicole Jones. 

Posted on Sun Oct 13, 2019, 18:36

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