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October 22nd, 2019

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Gender: Female

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October 09, 2019



10/09/2019 02:18 PM 

Harry potter oc

Full name: Hanna Black Nickname: Shorty Gender:female Species:Human Date of birth:31/11/1990 Nationality:British Blood status:Pure Blood Wand: Appearance In Picture Hair colour: Brown Hair style:long and wavy Eye colour:green Skin tone:tanned Height:5’4 Clothing style:Girly Accessories: necklace she always wears Personality Traits: Bubble,Kind, shy, loyal big heart Likes:Animals,reading, drawing and funny people Dislikes:liars or cheaters Good at:listening and helping Bad at:paying attention Hobbies:Quidditch Fears:Losing friends Ambition: becoming a teacher Family Father: Leo Black (Slytherin family) Mother: Melody Jones (hufflepuff family) Sibling: none Paternal grandparents: Cygnus Black/ Druella Rosier Maternal grandparents: Jonathan Jones / Hazel Royal Uncles: Rodolphus Lestrange. Ted Tonks. Lucius Malfoy Aunts: Bella Lestrang. Andromeda Tonks. Narcissa Malfoy Cousins: Tonks and Draco Pet: Shadow a black barn own Other noteworthy relatives: Sirus. Harry Family home: Blood Status: pure Family background: Leo fell in love with Melody at school and they been together ever since. Individual magic Wand reaction when first held: at six when her mother left hers on the counter she levitated a statue then dropped it breaking it.
Boggart: her friends leaving her Patronus: Fennix Fox Animagus: Fennix Fox Prologue Raised in a happy house hold learning magic from a young age. She was close to her parents and she feared her other family. Her father is a deatheater to protect his family Years at Hogwarts Sorted into: Hufflepuff Best subject: DDA Favorite subject: Care of Magical Creatures Favorite teacher: Lupin Worst subject: Potions Least favorite subject:Potions Least favorite teacher: Snape Quidditch: scared of flying


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