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10/09/2019 05:16 PM 

Check. Mate.

“Check. Mate.”


Change is usually used in explaining the seasons, of growing and maturing, or hair and wardrobe. Change is inevitable. No matter how hard we try to avoid it. What happens when that change happens somewhere deep inside the mind; In that dark spot hidden behind all the doors of our subconscious. Teenage girls are a mystery all on their own. Filled with hormones and other strange eons that can’t exactly be explained. Alecto, being a teenage girl was no different. 


A beautiful young woman. Elegant and regal in how she held herself. The very epitome of a pureblood princess given all the advantages she deserved in life. At least, that is what was shown to the world. A mask hiding the monster she was pushed to become. Twins were often labeled one soul in two bodies. It was no different with Amycus and Alecto. You very rarely found one without the other. Their love and devotion for one another could often be seen as dangerously intense. This was nobody’s business but their own. However, if it hadn’t been for her beloved brother Alecto probably wouldn’t have made it this far. Their parents had always been far fonder of him than they were of her. Sure, she looked the part they wanted her to play. It was just, she hadn’t always been something of a star act in their show. 


It was evident to her where she stood among the Carrow family, constantly under the eye of their father. His anger often unleased upon the ‘weaker’ one of the pair. His favorite punishment for the raven-haired girl was locking her within a dark cell in the dungeon. One very small in size and covered in mirrors. Forced to look at herself upon each wall within the room. With no light, it wasn’t surprising her own reflection turned on her. Contorting and changing into something dark and twisted. Cruel and mocking her at every turn. Her lithe fingers would jiggle the handle, finding no way out. Locked inside with no one other than her own cruel reflection. Hours would pass until she would begin to scream. To yank at the roots of her long hair. Crouching within the corner furthest out of view of the mirrors. Out of the judgmental eye of herself. Muttering three simple words over and over.


 “Let me out.”


There she would rock back and forth. Singing softly to herself until she heard that familiar voice outside the door. Feeling him often before she heard him speak. Amycus. Her beloved Amycus. She would press her hand to the door, feeling his in the same spot on the other side. Urging her to simply agree with father. To follow his rules instead of test them like one would a chess game. Thus, she would heed her brother’s pleas. Earning her release from the dark depths of the mirror room. 


As Alecto matured, as she grew, the punishments their father would bestow upon her grew with her. Growing more brutal. More out of control. If Amycus hadn’t been there that night in the garden Alecto would have drowned within the stone fountain found in the center. Green orbs stared at the stone bottom of the fountain. Feeling the heavy hand on the back of her head. Raven locks floating along the surface, the pressure of the water around her beckoning her to open her mouth; To let the water fill her lungs. The corners of her vision darkening with each passing second as she clawed and grasped at anything she could. Alas though, it was her other half that had been there to pull their father away, releasing her from his grasp and allowing her to fall to her knees. Gasping the crisp, cool winter air as her wet hair framed her pale face. Lips blue and trembling as she stared wide eyed up at him. 


If she would have learned not to question her father, none of these things would have fallen upon her. If she had just been a good little porcelain doll, perhaps she never would have felt herself shatter somewhere deep within her own mind. When that final piece of the mirror within her mind shattered, she had vowed to be the deadliest piece on the chess board. Learning to use how others viewed her to her advantage. You couldn’t fill an impressionable girl with that much darkness and not expect it to go somewhere. She wouldn’t ever be locked away again. Never would she be underestimated or forced to still her chaotic and curious mind. 


“I will be the deadliest piece on the chess board.”


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