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10/08/2019 11:56 PM 

Here's to twenty more.

Twenty years was a long time to live, when you've been around for twenty-eight 
already. It was time that not many people got, so when Gabby was asked by an
old friend what had she been up to for twenty years, her mind went back to how
grateful she was to be able to live those years, to be able to have that flashback 
as to what had went on in her life and how far she had come, how happy she had
been able to be for once in her life. After all that had been going on in her life 
before she hit New York, it seemed all a dream to her that she was able to 
proudly say what had been going on, how far she made it and how she was
able to have that hope she longed for, that love, that missing piece in her
heart that she desperately tried to fill. "What have I been up to for twenty
years?" Gabby finally spoke and her mind went from the age of forty-eight
to starting at her prime at twenty-eight years old:

Gabby loved her job at the fire department, loved her relationship with Ty
and how she thrived so hard at being where she was. She had managed to
snag the position of paramedic in charge, or P.I.C. at the station, which was
a big deal for a paramedic, and a nice little raise money wise. Her relationship
with Ty had a few ups and downs, more because of her low self conscience in
her own self, but their strength and love for each other out-wayed that and Ty
and Gabby got married in the court when Ty almost died in a collapsing 
building but managed to get out. It was then that Gabby knew she couldn't
lose him, and risk him ever leaving her, so they got hitched on the court
steps. At first, they didn't rush anymore kids, Ty having two of his own,
Gabby took them in, even though she tried her hardest not to make it feel
like she was stepping in as their mother. She knew she wasn't biologically,
but if they ever needed anything, she was always there, and helped them 
gain the Christmas spirit even though Jonathan found the elf hats to be
a bit on the annoying side at first.

Gabby had miscarried twice before they had little Cassandra who was now
seventeen years old and just as strong-willed as the both of them. After their
little miracle, it was clear Gabby couldn't have anymore kids and she was okay
with that. She had Jonathan, who was twenty-five and was following in his
mother's footsteps and Gabby was so proud of him for that. Haley, Haley was
twenty-three and, even though struggling to find who she wanted to be, it was 
okay because she had grown up to be a wonderful young lady with a fiance
that reminded Gabby of Ty. Cassandra was seventeen and was a bright girl
but boy did she give them a run for their money. The girl was both of them
combined and she was a firecracker with a heart of gold. Her and her sister,
Xandra, were just as close if not closer together now than they had ever been
and she was forever thankful for that one letter that brought them together
so long ago.

Gabby and Ty were just as happy as ever, something she had never been able
to figure out how she lucked up with a man so wonderful. He had finally been
retiring from the department after thirty some odd years, but Gabby was still
going strong as a paramedic there. She figured she'd give it a couple more 
years, bank in that retirement after Cassandra left for college so both her and
Ty could go on a long vacation and enjoy themselves and what the world had
to offer. Therapy was finally done, and Gabby had actually gone back to the
Dominican Republic to face the man that had done so much damage to her,
but when she finally got the courage to go see him, he was murdered in jail
after the other cellmates found out why he was in there. Gabby didn't feel any
sympathy, and with that actually found closer in it all. Gabby continued to
volunteer every chance she got, and hoped that she could help girls in the same
position she once was in to find their peace and forgiveness in it all.

Twenty years had been good to her, she had found peace and love that she had
longed for so much, her passion as a paramedic had never failed her and had
helped her be the person she was. So when her friend asked her what she had
been up to for twenty years, she smiled and licked her lips, glancing down at
the drink before her before glancing back up at the woman, "Living and loving
life." It was all she could say, she was so blessed and thankful for having that
happy ending that there were no other words to express how wonderful her
life truly was. "Now, if you'd excuse me..." She got up and grabbed her bag,
"I'm going home to my husband and my daughter. I've got a dinner to cook.
Jonathan, Haley, her fiance, my sister and her guy is coming over." And
that's how she wanted it. All the ones she loved under one roof, bringing
joy to her heart. And as she walked out the little diner, she took a deep
breath with a smile on her face; Yeah she had lived an amazing life,
so many good chapters, some not so good, but all were just as
inspiring as the next. And here was to twenty more.


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