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10/08/2019 10:47 PM 

October Drabble


With October being spooky month, we are going to have two drabbles. The first one is that your character has ended up in a horror movie. How did they get there? Did a witch transport them into another dimension? Did they just end up there? It is up to you to see how your character will survive and how they end up getting out. We would love to see what you all come up with!

The second drabble must be something Halloween/spooky related to celebrate the month of October. You can come up with any kind of idea for this drabble.

If you would like to do both drabbles, one will count towards the monthly drabble and the other will count for the creative drabble.

This is due by October 31st by 11:59pm EST


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Legacy Hunter


Jeremy Gilbert opened his eyes, scanning the dark room letting his eyes adjust to the darkness and he soon realized he did not recognize the room he was in, nor did he recall exactly walking in here. It was pitch black and from what he could see is it looked like a bedroom of a teenage girl. The bed had a large pink and purple flower comforter, and the wall had various boyband members all posing. Though none of this helped the hunter understand how he had arrived in this room.

“Where the hell am I?” He asked himself standing up from the floor where he seemingly was laying as some memories flashed about what he remembered last.

He had been helping Dorian at the Salvatore school. They were going through various artifacts around the school worried the ones with less information on them could cause problems for the school like the Malivore dagger had done. Jeremy faintly recalls seeing a journal with a golden locked clasp that reminded him of the same style the Ascendent was made of. He remembered asking if this was part of artifacts from the Gemini coven and now waking up here.

“If I sent myself to a prison world I am going to kill who ever had the bright idea of keeping that book in the school….” His train of thought being cut off by the sharp sound of his cell phone ringing.

He snaked a hand into his left pocket of his pants and pulled out the ringing cell as he swiped the green phone icon to answer. “Hello?” He asked into the phone.

A moment of silence and Jeremy nearly spoke up again when he heard it a raspy muffled tone spoke. “Hello Jeremy, do tell me what is your favorite scary movie?”

Jeremy rolled his eyes instantly thinking this is some trick played on him. “Oh…. Funny I get it Tyler…. Matt? Or is this by chance even my own flesh blood…. Elena?” He asked expecting one or all three being behind this Halloween trick, though curious how they managed to knock him out and get him here. “You know I do not scare that easily… I hunt….”


The voice returned. “Wrong again Gilbert, I already gutted your sister like a fish and opened up Matthew and Tyler just to see their insides….. now I want to see yours.”

Jeremy caught on to being called Gilbert not many used his last name to call him, one in particular was Damon. His brow furrowed as he asked again. “Ok…. Damon nice try…. Come on out and we can have a laugh. Let me guess you are down stairs with others trying to prove you can scare me…. Not working.”

He waited and again the similar voice replied in that same deep rasp but this time sounding angry. “I am not one of your loser friends and I am not downstairs, I am in the closet behind you!”

The last word was spoke as Jeremy turned to see a masked figure in a cloak all black and mask similar to ghost face from those cheesy horror movies Scream. Jeremy opened his mouth to call out whoever it was behind the mask but found only the harsh and sharp sting of a blade sinking into his right side shoulder.

As it dug in deep Jeremy howled in anger falling into hunter mode rolling forward away from the masked figure to prevent any more damage from the knife as he gripped it and yanked it out, the feel of his own warm blood coating down his shoulder and front of his body. His eyes narrowed. “What the hell.”

The masked figure did not waste time revealing they had not one but a second knife and lunged at Jeremy who dodged this time and use his own knife to jab at the assailant only catching fabric and missing the figure as he caught his balance and stood up just in time as the masked figured lunged forward again. Jeremy braced himself grabbing ahold of the other tossing him across the room, attempting to disorient the male but instead the masked figure flew into the glass of the bedroom window and went out it.

Jeremy gripped his shoulder to stop the bleeding, slowly limping towards the broken open window and peering out, expecting to see the form of the figure on the ground either not moving or barely moving. It appeared it was from the second floor, however the only thing he saw at the bottom of the window outside was a seas of shards of glass, no signs of the masked attacker anywhere, leaving the hunter confused and mostly shocked.

“No fucking way he is that fast unless they attacker is not human.” He said to himself realizing whatever this place was he was not alone and as fast as they seemingly got up and disappeared his first thought was vampire. He looked around the room and saw an old wooden desk chair in the corner he kicked it over and snapped off all four legs, admiring the oddly shaped pointed ends.

He preferred his more hand made stakes but these would do in the moment at least until he figured out where he was and how he had gotten here and if there was a way to get back. With four makeshift stakes in hand he made his way towards the bedroom door, gripping the cold door knob and pushing open the door.


The next thing Jeremy knew he was no longer in the teenage girls bedroom, but instead in a different room, it looked like the halls of a college campus building, similar to the one Jeremy went to for a month before dropping out. He looked behind him and there was no sign of the door or the bedroom, he seemingly just appeared here telling him this was deffinitly magic and he had an idea on this but he could not be sure just yet, he had to test out a theory.

“If my guess is correct…… I will soon be greeted by the masked figure…. Right about now.”  He looked around from the walls of classrooms it looked like on either side of him and at the far end of he hall was the shadow silhouette of the masked person. He rolled his eyes…..thinking he understood what could be going on.

“I take it this is the part where I run?” He asked already knowing the answer, gripping a little tighter onto his stake like weapons of his choosing.

As he turned to run, the sound of his shoes echoed on the hard linoleum floor, he could also hear the sound of the masked figure running as well. The second set of running seeming to get closer to his own as he glanced back. Sure enough in all back the masked figure had taken chase, one hand held out letting his knife drag and grind against the walls, he assumed as a terror affect to get him scared. He knew now his guess was somehow he was trapped in a horror film or at least the memory of some witch who lived through this and made her memories come to life inside a sealed away journal.

His legs took him as fast as he could keeping good distant from the other, making  a sharp left and running down there some more as he looked back to see how far he had put between them when he saw once again the masked figure was gone. He stopped hesitantly, looking where the figured had been. “Where the fuck did he go?” He asked out loud.

He looked back around him again found the killer had managed to get the upper hand this time leaping from one of the rooms he assumed must have been connected to one behind him like a lab with a front and back exit as he was tackled to the ground, a couple of his home made stakes sliding out of his grasp as he was tackled and pinned to the ground. Jeremy caught the hand of the masked male trying to stab at him as he glared up at the other and groaned and held him out from him preventing himself from being attacked, his eyes glared and locked on the other.

“Not this time.” He added using his legs to push the other off and away from him. As he did the masked figures knife came down slashing at his leg causing that to start to bleed but he ignored the pain gripping the stake in hand jutting it forward into the masked males torso near the location of the heart.

“Take that…..” He groaned out feeling the end of the stake sink into flesh and slid forward.




The masked figured fell back and down without a word and just lay there, like Jeremy expected with vampires. He groaned, holding the cut on his knee as he slowly pushed himself to a standing position and limped sort of towards the seemingly dead figure. He gently kicked the body, seeing nothing happen before he leaned down and over the figure and added out loud. “Time to unmask you.” He said feeling his fingers gripping just the edge of the base of the mask as he lifted forward.

Jeremy groaned out yelping in shocked pain as a hand lunged forward from the seemingly motionless body as he felt the blade pierce his gut. “Damn it…..” Wondering why the stake did not kill the vampire. The warmth of blood from this wound pooled on his shirt as he grabbed his stomach and moaned out falling to his knees.

With the last bit of effort he yanked at the mask’s  edge again this time pulling it from the males face. Jeremy had time to see it was no one he knew before falling down and passing out. The pain fading as he did as well.

Jeremy opened his eyes to find he no longer was inside the college looking building but instead was alone in what looked to be the infirmary wing at the Salvatore school. Jeremy’s stomach still hurt as he glanced down to see his bandages on his stomach as well as he shoulder. Across from him on a desk was the killers mask, and the book he had been looking at before this began.

“Hello?” He called his voice weak and scratchy and weak almost dry like as he tried to speak.

Moments later out walked Dorian with a smile. “Bout time you are awake, was worried you may never wake up.” He added and nodding.

Jeremy shook his head. “What happened?” He asked.

Dorian shrugged. “We was hoping you knew. A week ago you was helping me with going through the artifacts and then you were gone. A day later you showed up again, bleeding from a nearly fatal wound, with your hand clutching this mask. From what I can tell this journal is cursed with the memories of a witch or someone that knew a witch that lived through a similar thing. I think anyone who touches this is sent to a realm to tell her story…… or something like that.”

Jeremy groaned in pain, gripping his wound and added. “I say that is deffinit;y one to take down from the shelves at the school.” He half joked through the pain.


Posted on Mon Oct 28, 2019, 19:35

the huntress.


"Yo! What the fuck is this?! Who are you people?"

Jennifer slowly started to stir with the sound of people panicking around her. Opening her eyes, she found herself laying sideways on the ground. "What the?" She whispered to herself before sitting up. She sat down on something, which she quickly realized was a chain. Grabbing the chain, she followed it with her eyes until she saw that her foot was chained up. She quickly glanced back to find the chain going through a small hole in the wall. Pulling on the chain, panic started to quickly set in. "It doesn't matter how hard you pull on that chain.. nothing's going to happen." The female beside her called out, causing Jennifer to look over at her. She was sitting on the ground with her back up against the wall. "How long have I been out?" She questioned, glancing around at the others in the room. There were five others, leaving six people in the room.

"An hour, I think.. you're the last one to wake up. Though the others started waking up just a few seconds before you." The female responded before turning her attention over to the door on the opposite side of the room. Jennifer glanced over at the same door, seeing a light on behind the window. "I think someone's watching us." She whispered over to Jennifer which caused the brunette to frown. Was this some kind of sick prank? The last thing Jennifer remembered was falling asleep in her bed. Before Jennifer could say anything the television on the wall beside the door turned on, and a voice started playing from it. "Greetings... and welcome. I trust that you are all wondering where you are. I can assure you that while your location is not important, what these walls offer for your IS important... salvation, if you earn it."

"3 hours from now the door to this house will open. Unfortunately, you only have 2 hours to live. Right now, you are breathing in a deadly nerve agent. You've been breathing it since you've arrived here. Those of you familiar with the Tokyo subway attacks will know its devastating effects on the human body. The only way to overcome it and walk out that door is to get the antidote. You must work together, or none of you will survive. A little bit of blood and you will all survive." The second the voice stopped the lock around the chain would release and fall to the floor. Jennifer quickly stood up and glanced around at the others to watch the same thing happen for them. Before she could say anything else the door they looked at earlier unlocked and opened, causing Jennifer to turn and walk over to it. Everyone started getting up and following behind her.

Once in the other room Jennifer saw a table that held something that was covered by a black tarp. "I bet you anything we are not going to like what's under that." One of the guys called out before moving to grab the tarp. The second he pulled the tarp off the table the voice spoke up, this time through a speaker mounted on the wall. "In this box you will find six antidotes and six needles of acid. In order to get the correct antidote you need to work together. The safe numbers are in the back of your mind." After he finished speaking the box would unlock and open, showing twelve needles just like he said. By each needle was a number ranging from 1-12. The needles all looked the same so there was no telling which one held the antidote and which one held acid. "Fuck!" One of the females yelled behind her, and shortly after everyone started panicking and yelling what they thought they should do.

"Fuck this... this is some stupid fucking Halloween prank. We'll take it and they'll show up laughing that we believed them."

The guy who yelled fuck earlier would grab the first needle after saying all that. "No, wait." Jennifer tried to grab his hand to stop him but she was too late. He brought the needle to his arm and injected himself with whatever he just grabbed. He dropped the needle to the floor once he was done before turning to look at Jennifer. "See.. nothing is happ.." He stopped mid-sentence to look down at his arm. A few seconds later he started screaming and grabbing at his arm which started to double in size. Everyone besides Jennifer took a step back as he fell to the ground. Jennifer knelt down beside him and checked for his pulse, but she already knew he was dead. The acid melted him from the inside out. There was no surviving something like that. "We need to take this serious." The female from earlier spoke up, causing Jennifer to look up at her and nod her head.

"He said the numbers are in the back of our mind." Jennifer commented while standing back up. "Do you guys remember anything before waking up here? I just remember falling asleep like normal." She tried thinking more on it but nothing was coming to her. "No, I just remember falling asleep like you." One by one, the others recalled the same thing. None of them remembered being abducted. How was that possible? He was able to kidnap six people without them even realizing it until they were already there. How were they supposed to remember numbers when they couldn't even remember that? This was a riddle though, so maybe it wasn't in their memory.

Kneeling back down beside the male, she gently rolled him over before looking at the back of his head. And there was a bright orange marking of a number two. "It's written on the back of our heads. He had number two. Grab the numbers that I tell you. Those will be the safe ones." Jennifer stood up before moving over to the female from earlier. Once she turned around for her she would tell the male the next number who grabbed the number two antidote. They ended up with two, three, eleven, twelve, and five by the time Jennifer was done looking at everyone's head. "Here, let me check yours." Jennifer turned around before brushing her hair to the side. "Thirteen." The male grabbed the next needle before handing everyone a needle.

"How do you know this is safe? That it's not acid as well." He questioned which caused Jennifer to glance down at the needle for a few seconds. "I don't know, not really. I'm just hoping that he kept his word and will let us out of this hell hole. Why tell us there's an antidote and just kill us all?" "He could be a sick fuck." The female responded which Jennifer nodded her head in response. He could have been, but in that case they would die no matter what they did. Jennifer took in a deep breath before injecting herself with the needle she got earlier. She set the needle on the table once she was done and glanced down at her arm. The others waited and when nothing happened to her they injected themselves. Jennifer glanced down at the dead male on the ground. If only he would have waited, they all could have gotten out of there alive.

Posted on Fri Oct 25, 2019, 13:34

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