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10/08/2019 09:49 PM 

Mother knows best.

“Mother knows best. Mother knows all. Mothers and daughters are to have a connection unbreakable by anything on this earth. In all its realms. So, when your mother happens to leave you for dead at birth, how is one to know if any of this is true?”


The Faerie people are anything but common knowledge. A mystery, even to themselves half the time. Slender digits turned the page to the worn diary in her lap. Slew across her legs like a map to nowhere. Which was exactly what it was. It answered plenty yet left her questioning that much more. It was exhausting. From learning about the multiple races of Fae, to learning about how they functioned within their different courts. The amount of information she was obtaining in her mind was probably going to be the reason her head imploded. 


Plump lips, naked of color parted. Letting out a long sigh. Throwing her head back, she stared up at the ceiling of the Salvatore living room. Watching as the wood from the beams told her an unspoken story of their lives. Each one with its own story to tell. Long lashes fluttered closed as she greeted sleep like an old friend. Falling into a dream world all her own. 


As the darkness around her consumed her, she felt it slither around her now bare frame. Wrapping ghostly fingers around her flesh. Curling and constricting along pale naked flesh. She wasn’t scared. It felt almost, like home. She had always known there was something dark inside of her. Something cold and desolate of love. Why wouldn’t there be? She had never actually known what love felt like. Never held tightly to her mothers’ bosom. Never rocked to sleep. Never had someone wipe the tears from her cheeks or take care of her when she scrapped her knee. Now this darkness took a form. Much, no, exactly like her own. Only instead of her ocean blue eyes staring at her; They were black. Jet black. Void of all things that made her who she was. Blonde hair, so light it was practically white. 


It was as if she was staring at the reflection of her inner most self. A lost girl, fighting both sides of herself. Wishing one would let go so the war would end. Lifting a pale hand, she brushed her fingers over her reflection. Watching it dissipate like smoke. Leaving her alone. Once again. As the black walls began to close in on her she outstretched her arms. Touching both walls on either side of her. Feeling them continuing to close around her. Locking her in a box of her own making. She crouched down. Hugging bare legs to her chest. Blonde locks brushing against the floor. Covering her vulnerable figure. Sitting there she felt it wash over her. The loneliness she was so used to. The loneliness she had grown accustomed to. 

Through a whole that appeared in the wall in front of her, she saw the ‘friends’ she had recently made. Living their lives just as they had before they met her. Each one filled with the brightness they welcomed from the love they had around them. Suddenly the view shuffled, settling on Damon. His beautiful blue eyes looking through her. Her hand pressed to the window. He didn’t see her. He looked through her. Smiling at another. Water slid along her cheek. When had she started crying? Damon and Echo disappeared from view. Leading her further into the slideshow that was everyone she cared for, living their best lives without her. Without the temptation of her blood. Without the threat of her existence. Hayley and Theo, even Theo’s blood father. Damon and Echo. Each with full lives of their making. Happiness and warmth. Without the cruel chill of the dark court from which she came from. 

A voice so haunting it sent chills up her spine. Echoing around her. A familiar voice. A woman’s voice. “Child, why do you cry?” The voice asked. “They can’t see me… Why?” Zelda responded. “They were never supposed to…” The woman answered. A pause now. One so incredibly long, she thought she may explode within this tiny, dark box. “I was told to kill you at birth, you weren’t supposed to make it this far… If you hadn’t. many horrible things would not have taken place. You weren’t meant to breathe into life. You weren’t supposed to enter the earth realm. You will only bring them turmoil. Darkness. It’s why you were born. You are your mother’s daughter. The only female born to my bloodline, Zelda. Which was never supposed to be.” She knew that voice because it was her. It was her mother. The woman who sent her child to her death as an infant. Her fingers balled into little fists. The naked fae banged them hard against the walls around her. 


Screaming loudly as she did so. The walls began to vibrate. Shaking with such strength they shattered like glass. Falling around her now, the shards of black glass turning to ash. Decorating her pale flesh. She was now standing face to face with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her life. Her regal stature obvious in how she held herself. Yet darkness filled her eyes. They were the same black eyes she had seen in her reflection earlier. Her white hair flowing as if being held by invisible fingers. Her long fingers reached out. Running softly along her daughter jaw. Wiping away the tears that had stained her cheeks. “Beating all odds against your death, falling for a vampire, living amongst the mortals… You truly are my child… I hope you’re prepared to bring darkness into their lives. we are darkness my dear. It’s time you began to accept this. for no matter how far you run, your gruesome truth will find you. Embrace it.”


Her hand slid down her neck. Gripping Zee’s neck tightly now. Pulling her closer. Revealing the beautifully terrifying truth to her. Gasping for air, only to be thrown back into reality. She sat up quickly. Grabbing her throat where a bruise now lingered along her tender flesh. Blue hues stared widely at the fireplace in front of her now. The flames dancing with her secret. 


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