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I'm good, but no Angel. I sin, but I'm no Devil. I'm his son, which is much worse

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October 22nd, 2019

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February 20, 2019


10/08/2019 03:08 PM 

4 Prompts in 1 Drabble

“Everything’s okay love. Trust me, I’ll get you out of this mess if you only trust me enough. I really need you to trust me on this..” 

The Demon held an innocent woman in his arms as he looked up at the chaos that was ensuing down the streets of Gotham. She must’ve been around 19, if not in the beginning of her twenties. Not that it really mattered though, she was a victim of just another day in the Bowery of Gotham City, and just like any other day, there was Nightstalker to keep this neighborhood at least somewhat safe at night, for pretty ladies like this one in particular to roam the streets and get in the kind of trouble that women in their early twenties like to get into. Holding the woman tightly, he teleported away from the streets, just in time for another beam of what seemed to be dark energy to be fired towards them. Reappearing safely on one of the rooftops closeby, he placed the young woman against a wall and snapped his fingers to check her consciousness. When she wasn’t responding anymore, he assumed shock. “Oracle.. Someone.. Please.. I know I’m not the most popular around the family but the Bowery could really use some Bat related help right now.” His teeth gritted while he talked through the comms embedded in his cowl. Annoyed at the static that had followed, he turned his head to look at what the hell was happening down the streets. This one was new, Meta? Magician? He wasn’t too sure but he could definitely tell that the person in question was up to no good. “Alright love, you stay right here and don’t move, alright? Good.” He mumbled towards the woman, even though she was non-responsive. 

Payne Zile Queen, also known as the Nightstalker around the Batfamily. Demon extraordinaire, since he didn’t follow in the footsteps of his species. And chose to protect the world from harm instead of causing it. He might not have the same codes anymore as the Batman, and doesn’t mind to kill the ones who truly belong to be punished for their sins, he is still a good man at heart. “Always try to be good.” Words from Zatanna that Payne loved to live by. The term Anti-Hero would be fitting quite well for the Demon, especially since he seemed to step right into the same lines as Jason Todd, the other outcast of the Bat-Family.

Jumping down from the rooftops, Payne quickly made his way to what seemed to be the center of all chaos that was going on in Gotham on this lovely city night.

The Bowery wasn’t any exception of the chaos, it actually seemed like this was the place of origin of everything that was going on this night. Quickly arriving at the center of all the energy that was radiating off of the new supposed villain in town. Payne ran his facial recognition in hopes for a hit on who this kid seemed to be. And that’s basically all that the Demon could see. A kid.. Screaming in the center of everything. Maybe 14 or 15 years old, a youngling for sure. “Johnny Brooke.. Sounds like a YouTuber if you ask me” He mumbled to himself as he got a hit and got shown a bit of background through the Demon’s red lenses embedded in his cowl. “No more parents, smart kid at school, defiant.. Bruce’ll love this one.” The Demon smirked, even though it wouldn’t be seen by anyone thanks to the face plate that covered the lower half of Payne’s facial features. 

“Hey kid! Halloween is not for another few weeks! Don’t you know that that’s the time to be creepy with energy and stuff? Timing’s everything youknow!” Payne smiled as he seemed to have gotten the kids attention. He loved to mock his opponents, being the smartass that everyone seemed to either be annoyed by, or love about him. And annoyance was a weapon that the Demon handled all too well.

As the kid started to scream again, Payne got hit with a blast of energy that appeared out of nowhere. Slamming the Demon right back into a wall. “Aarghh… F***.. That’s gonna leave a scar..” He grunted and moved away from the wall, noticing that his shoulder got impaled with a pipe that extended from the wall that he had just gotten very familiar with. “Ok Kiddo… Time for you to go night night..” He grunted, and Payne teleported once more, reappearing in mid-air above the glowing ball of purple energy, dropping right down into the center where the kid was. “Isn’t it past your bedtime” Payne grabbed the kid by his arms and tried to get him to stop with whatever it was that he was doing. The kid was shocked and looked right at  the Demonic looking Batcowl that Payne was wearing. He screamed louder and it only seemed to make the energy even stronger. Kid was scared, Payne could tell that much.

This however, was one of the few times that Fear wouldn’t be the greatest ally. Take that, Bruce. Payne took off his cowl and showed his face to the kid, his pale face showing nothing but a calm expression as he made the child look at him. “Hey.. It’s just a mask. Made to make the scary people be scared of us instead.. See??” Payne held the helmet up and gave it to the kid, his anxiety seemed to lessen, shown by the energy slowly fading away. Payne looked, seeing how everything immediately seemed to calm down once the kid stopped screaming. He figured that the kid just discovered his powers. Not knowing how to handle everything, nor able to keep himself, or the area around him under control. It took a good 20 minutes of Payne simply talking to the kid before the GCPD had decided to arrive. Taking the helmet and putting it back on his head, Payne had ordered the commissioner to take this kid to the nearest Meta Research Center, so that he could get training and learn how to understand his powers. And that there was an ambulance needed for a woman who was in shock. “Johnny.. Listen to me.. You better learn how to control everything, and don’t make me regret showing my face to you, alright?” Payne’s threat sounded more like a joke, and it made the kid laugh softly as he nodded and promised to keep to himself and stay out of trouble. “That’s only good to hear kid.. Now have a good night.” Payne responded, placing a hand on the kids shoulder before they all left. Leaving the Demon all alone in the middle of the street. Silence had returned, and Payne smiled softly behind his mask. 

“Time to go home Payne..” He muttered to himself, as Payne nodded and slowly started to walk out of the streets, and towards his home.


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