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October 27th, 2019

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September 10, 2019


09/11/2019 03:48 PM 

Audition Form.


the basics

1. How did you hear about M.A.R.V.E.L?
2. What about this group appeals to you?
3. Do you have a discord screen name or would you be willing to create one?
*While this is not an requirement, we do frequent a group server.*
4. What face claim are you auditioning for?
*We do not accept doubles. We apologize in advance.*
5. Why do you want to be apart of this group?
6. List three positive traits about yourself?
7. Are you capable of handling a large group?
8. Have you ever been a member/ are currently a member of an RPG?
9. How many accounts do you currently have?
10. If you are no longer able to maintain your role within the RPG, will you notify the owner of this?

character info.

Our group consists of 100% OC, while some face claims may come with tidbits of detail from established members, in seek of a role. These roles still allow 90% of creative freedom to our writers. Please give us the beginning basics on your ideals for this OC.

Character Name:
List 3 defining traits (keep them short):
List 2 secrets:
Who is Lizzy to your character?

✰ Along with this questioner - - please submit any sample of your writing.

Click Here to Submit Audition.


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