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December 2nd, 2019

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August 18, 2013


03/31/2019 01:02 PM 

#15 Match
Current mood:  adventurous

United States Championship Match
Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. ???? ????

Mike Rome:
"We continue the show with a triple threat match up next but i am afraid we got some unfortunate news tonight. After Thunder SmackDown went off the air Dean Ambrose was maliciously attacked by Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler, so the news is that Dean will not be competing tonight."

Tom Phillips:
"But he will be replaced by another superstar of general manager Christian who handpicked this person to replace Dean Ambrose tonight."

"I am Perfection" starts hitting across the arena lights flashing fast pink across the arena bringing out the show off Dolph Ziggler who poses on the ramp as he then starts heading toward the ring now as he did his usual pose and looks both ways as he does not pay attention to the fans as he continued his path toward the ring.

Melody Valentine:
"The following contest is a triple threat match and it is for the united states championship... Introducing first from Hollywood, Florida weigh in 211 pounds... Dolph Ziggler!"

Tom Phillips:
"He has been stealing the show since 2010 when he made his debut and what a career he has had had former champion has held many and could tonight be his night to become the new united states champion?"

Mike Rome:
"Hall of fame? Already accomplished for Dolph Ziggler can he become united states champion again it could happen again for him."

"Fight" starts playing lights flashed fast across the arena bringing out the confident united states champion who gloats on the ramp as he looks both ways and starts heading toward the ring very confident as he continued his path toward the ring.

Melody Valentine:
"And introducing next from Marieville, Quebec, Canada weigh in 262 pounds he is the current united states champion... Kevin Owens!"

Mike Rome:
"Kevin Owens must be so proud of himself tonight as he took out Dean Ambrose big smile on his face tonight."

Tom Phillips:
"Yeah but he does not know who is he facing in this triple threat match."

Kevin Owens:
"Okay, okay now the big question is... Well we did it we took out that cockroach Dean Ambrose attacked him when he least expected it. Dean had it coming he didn't belong in this match so it will be me and Dolph fighting for the united states title tonight? Well that's much better than the triple threat match with Dean Ambrose in it? You are all welcome so the big question is who is the third competitor to this match? Who wants to get their hands on KO tonight who wants to take my united states title tonight from me? Who is it come on out!" Kevin drops the microphone as he stared at the ramp 

"Like a Lady" plays across the arena bringing out the Sassy Southern Belle known as Lacey Evans who poses on the ramp as she sported a long red dress very classy with matching heels as she looks both ways and then looks at the nasties the classy lady best known as Lacey heads toward the ring strutting her stuff as she waves at the crowd as she looks both ways and poses getting the attention of Ziggler and Owens who look at Lacey, who blows the audience a kiss and then turned away as she made her way backstage now.

Kevin Owens:
"Who is it! Come on out here!"

Owens and Ziggler shouting in the ring wanting to see who the third competitor will be .

"One and Only" bringing out Ricochet who emerged from behind the curtains as he poses on the stage sporting black and blue attire as he starts heading toward the ring now looking both ways as he continues approaching the ring high five some of the fans.

Mike Rome
"Here comes Ricochet now!"

Tom Phillips:
"Chosen by Christian to replace Ambrose tonight."

Ricochet in the ring glaring at Owens and Ziggler who stared back at him they were not too happy about this referee for this match Jack Doan looks both ways s he then points to the three superstars in the ring as he motions for the bell to ring now 

Owens and Ziggler not too happy about this charged toward Ricochet both double teamed on him brutally attacking in a devious way bringing down the third superstar and Ambrose replacement tonight both picked up from the canvas and slam back against the near turnbuckle continued their attack on Ricochet who strikes at them both putting up an effort, Owens turned away Ziggler does the same seeing Owens turning his back the show off runs behind him and rolls up for a schoolboy roll up now Owens manages to kick out of this one "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Owens yells at Ziggler and shoved him, Ziggler responds with a slap right to the face of Owens who strikes his knee into the stomach of Ziggler who felt that one, Owens runs toward the ropes and back toward the direction of Ziggler looking for a clothesline Ziggler ducked it Ricochet joins him as they surprise Owens with a double dropkick successful on their team work as they watched him rolled away both run toward the ropes toward the direction of Owens surprise with a double baseball slide knocking him off to the outside Ziggler turned his attention toward Ricochet shoves him and then goes for a super kick Ricochet ducks it making the show off miss on his attempt, Ricochet grabs a hold of Ziggler now starts setting up for a crossed legged Samoan driver set for it now follows up with his plan laying out Ziggler with that one Ricochet successful then covers Ziggler now, referee Doan slides down slams his hand on the canvas "1...2...!" two counts made close to the final count now "3...!" Ziggler did not kick out, Ricochet gets off him seeing Owens angry slide in the ring Ricochet escapes as he chuckled from the outside confidently "One and Only" play on again referee Doan slides to the outside declaring Ricochet the new united states champion.

Melody Valentine:
"The winner of the match and new united states champion...... Ricochet....!"

Mike Rome:
"WHAT! We got a new united states champion... Kevin Owens is livid right now."

Tom Phillips:
"New champion crowned tonight the one and only congrats to Ricochet tonight it was his moment and what a perfect candidate to replace Dean Ambrose tonight."

Ricochet made his way up the ramp and holds up the united states title up high.


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