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December 13th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: United States

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July 11, 2019



09/10/2019 10:38 PM 

Kitsune Demon

Evanna was part of a powerful Kitsune village. However it was plundered and her people killed because a rumor started all kitsune could grant a person immortality. Truth was thisbwas a special gift and she only knew one to have it but he died centuries ago.  She was however still she was hunted and persecuted believed to have the gift no matter who she told she didnt have that gift. 

After yet another run in with a group of hunters sent after her she is badly injured and willing to die right there in the woods where she lay in her fox form. As she lay there she heard footsteps of a lone being.  She sighed not even able to die in peace.  YC tells her to live and tends to her wounds. Moved by his kindness she devotes herself to him even transforming into her human form, having the ability to shapeshift. 

In addition to shapeshifting she has the ability of illusions, seduction, control over nature, enhanced sense of smell, sight, bite hearing, speed, stamina, endurance, strength, durability. While her kind was known for mischief and trickery, so many years on the run in survival mode dulled that aspect of her personality. She has the ability of claw retraction, fox fire, flight, possession, insanity enducement, life absorption,  dream manipulation, nature and plant manipulation, her specialty in elemental manipulation. She hasnt quite earned immortality or lunar manipulation. She has a great fear of dogs as they can detect her true form and what she is. Her reflection always shows her 9 tails. She is prone to insanity and being consumed and driven to i sa ity by negative emotions. 

Aware of her shortcomings she is calm by nature. A bit emotional. She takes on more of a friend, guide, lover, and wife role.


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