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09/10/2019 11:32 PM 

Butterfly Effect

Isn’t there always that something in your life you wish you could change. A life event that impacted your life you wish that never happened. Oh, how things would be different.  But we fail to realize alterations in time have consequences. It snowballs changing every intricate thing that surrounds us. A domino effect altering things across the board. The slightest manipulation can alter the world on a massive scale. The Edens are no strangers to time traveled. The family having used it to save those lost to them and right various wrongs.

All Anna Eden wanted was the opportunity to live a simple life. She wanted to raise her daughters in a normal safe environment as a family. Was that so much to ask? This was not the original course of events. 

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Katarina (M&L Spike)


Katarina was a freshman in college with good grades. The girl had never really been in trouble. Never went through a wild or rebellious phase. She still lived at home with her mother and baby sister Willow. The younger Eden a senior in high school, an honor student. The red head was quiet. She tended to love computers and books. Momma Eden was a receptionist downtown. It wasn’t her choice of jobs, but the hours were perfect allowing her to spend time with her girls.

Given Katarina had attended her last class of the evening she had headed home. Parking her white Toyota Camry in the garage she made her way into the kitchen of the two-story home. Placing her things on the countertop she walked over to the fridge grabbing a bottle of water and a green apple. “Mom I’m home,” she announced. Closing the door, she bit into the bittersweet fruit. The clock on the coffee pot read four fifteen. She continued to much rummaging through her satchel. It was then she noticed something was missing. The girl kept a leather-bound journal with decorative binding across the spine and cover with her most of the time. The contents were personal. It contained her own handwritten poetry. Spells that she had hand crafted. The practice of magic wasn’t something that their mother particularly cared for, but the girls were drawn to it. Katarina had abilities. Anna encouraged her to keep them to herself.

Tossing the apple core in the trash she headed up the stairs. By passing her room she headed into her sisters. Pushing past the door with the sign you shall not pass adorning the entrance. Her eyes scanned over the room. The neatly made twin bed. The movie poster adorning her wall. The books lining the bookshelf. Then she found it laying on the dresser. Snatching up the book. She noticed the closet door was open. Her skirt was hanging on one of the hangers.

Willow was coming back into the room. She began fussing at her about the intrusion. The girl’s simultaneously called out, “MOM!!!”

Posted on Fri Sep 13, 2019, 21:47

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