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Baldwin Algar

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September 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 113
Country: United States

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September 09, 2019



09/10/2019 10:26 PM 

Old school rper, old school rules. Please act accordingly.

This is a list of do's and do F***IN not's.

I know a lot hate rules, However this is how you keep from annoying me into deleting you.

Do, add. Don't ask if I want a starter, this is obvious. 

Do send a message to ask if a storyline idea is feasible.. Don't thank me for the add. We aren't kids and if you are, Please exit immediately. 

Do write, inspire and create. Be passionate about your world your character. Don't make me your lover-sire-gay boyfriend or exlover DONT BY GOD DONT godmode me. 

Do write a para in the least, write a Bible, make it coherent. Don't send me something you send everyone. Don't send me generic replies (Yes I knew someone who had auto replies once)

Do write in comments, I'm old school. Don't send writing in messages. It will result in instant deletion. I'll create a blog for intricate storylines. I will NOT write in messages. If this is how you rp leave now.

Do say hello to my character. Don't ooc with me. I prefer complete immersion in my character. I will not respond to personal questions, or give you my number. 

Do talk and reply, Don't reply or write and I'll let you go. However I'm not a total d*ck, if you decide to readd and redeem yourself as a writer, I'll amuse myself and play along.

Do write Gore, disturbing themes, Don't expect me to make love to you and "Fall" for you. Won't happen . 

Baldwin is a VAMPIRE, he's old and mean. He won't bend easily and has a storyline where he will be kind. And she KNOWS who she is. 

All in all write, remember 
Sh*t writing = Sh*t in return.

If you bore me, I'll let you know. I won't ignore you. If your not advanced enough to reply, I'll try to work with you, or not. 

Here's to writing with you all.


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