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Supernatural Biography

"People say that your the one who controls your life, that your the one in charge. Me, well that's a load of bullsh*t. I've never been in control of my life, I never had that chance. I was set up always intervened with." -Connor O'Reily 


Connor was born during the beginning of the Wild West, July 4th 1868. His father was a Sherriff in the small town, along with his mother being a teacher. The way he grew up life was simple anyways, he did his chores, attended school and took care of the family horses. Everything was normal, or atleast starting off that way for him until his 16th birthday.

Growing up, him along with others soon realized he was developing faster. On his 16th birthday he looked already for the body to be 21. He was toned, not over muscular but a decent 6 pack. He could grow a 5 o'clock shadow in a day and was already being required to shave. Everyone wondered what was going on with him, but not even his family had answers or atleast would tell him. When he turned 16, that was his first experience with the Supernatural. Growing up he was always smitten with one girl, her name was Elizabeth. She ran across him late at night when he was taking the horse out.

They got to talking and he ended up bring her up and taking her to a hideout. Involving mainly a lone tree. He built a fire and it was just him and her talking and hanging out, spending time with each other. It got late into the night when all of a sudden three bandits showed up. All threatening and demanding all the valuables. Connor couldn't draw his revolver fast enough to give them time to run as they were held at gunpoint. And that's when he saw Elizabeth for who she was actually. She moved faster then he'd ever seen before, almost like water. She moved fast and fluidly and in less then a minute all three were on the ground suffering from different wounds, but all the same in the end, dead. It took him a few minutes to snap out of his trance but there was no escaping what he saw his first look into the supernatural.

She explained that she was a vampire. One of the few food ones though apparently only harming the bad, protecting the good. Only drinking the blood of animals. They rode back and his world was only starting to get weird. A week later his father began to introduce him to some weird aspects. Telling hin about the supernatural and such. He was a hunter, having protected the town from both humans and the darkness. Showing him tips, tricks. To start evolving into the supernatural hunter as well. Everyone knew that when the time came for him to step down, Connor would step up as the new Sherriff. 

For a year he continued to learn, helping from time to time. Learning both how to become a hunter and a Sherriff. A protector all around, as he did he saw what it did to his family. His mother constantly worried about his father, watching as he was putting himself in danger. His 17th birthday was what happened and turned out to be his last. A man came into town, except even from the looks he wasnt human. He wanted the town, or else he would take it by forth and already had a point. Connors mother, was the example as he unceremoniously shot her in the street. The two had till night to clear or they would take it.

They evacuated the town, but only Connor and his father stayed, thay was until he saw Elizabeth. She wouldn't leave either, no matter how much he was begging her to leave she wouldn't. So it was the three of them, the three of them against whatever was to come. And what came was 18 supernatural beings. Led by the same man, a demon. His name was Abigar The trio split up, figuring it was best trying to lure them out. His father was the first to go though. He managed to take out six though, the last one nearly costing his life close in hand to hand combat. Then Abigar showed up and shoved his hand through his chest, literally ripping his heart out from his chest. 

Elizaebth took out hers with ease, sneaking up and ripping them apart from the shadows. Connor though was nearly like his father. He stood out in front of the town hall waiting for his time. The first one appeared, a dark vampire rushing towards him. Like the flip of a switch, connor drew the revolver and fired a shot between his eyes. Then the rest came out. But they didn't rush him, they had there own weapons as well firing shots af him. Causing him to duck behind a pillar. He would peak around fire a shot managing to take out another two. Before one got lucky and he felt a bullet rip through his arm. He staggered before ducking into cover again and had to reload. Then repeat as he took out another and then another rough ripped through his opposite shoulder. A third entered through his lower torso as he managed to take out a fifth. Immediately now his vision was starting to blur, the pain and blood loss quickly beginning to take effect. Blacking in and out slowly, he wasn't enough to see the mass of fur and muscle tackle him through the swinging doors. Wood splintering as he fell. A giant maw of teeth kept snapping at him. It was taking all his strength to keep the teeth away from his throat. Taking a deep breath, he put everything in chance as he removed a hand and dipped down to his side pulling out his knife and plunged it into the werewolves side several times until finally managing to plunge it one last time and killed it, pushing the dead body off of him. Laying there bleeding, and even he knew his life was fading fast. The sounds of footsteps echoing against the wooden floor. 

Abigar the only one left looked over him. A pitiful look at the spillage of blood. Granted he would have happily done it in anyways just spilling there blood. He was rather hoping that the entire town would have stayed. The more blood spilt the better in his opinion. He always did love a good bloodbath. Before he could execute the young man though, a blur tried to rush him. He reached out and managed to grip the nuisance by her throat and performed the same move he did on Connors father. He ripped her heart out in front of Connor before tossing her body to the side. Then quickly he pulled a revolver and executed him on the spot, shooting him in the head.


Connors death, sent him to heaven, with his deeds of trying to protect his town where he found his father as well. He spent his time there, in peace watching the world develop. Sad he couldn't have been apart of it, but was still glad at the purpose he had served. That was until WW2 kicked off with Germany trying to take over again. But at the same time Hitler was dabbling with the supernatural to help his army. To try and develop advantages that would help stop the allies. And his head General to lead that Section was none other then the demon Abigar himself.

Connor wanted to go down, wanted to go and put things right. To send that demon back to Hell where it deserved. Right now it was like a debate in heaven, half wanting to go down and fight, and the other half wanting to let things play out to see how it goes, how it would play out.

The side that wanted to fight eventually won. Though not an Angel, Connor was nearly jumping at everything he could to go down. He pestered enough people, and was elected to be apart of the special team to go down. They arrived back down on Earth. To help ease things, they were undercover apart of the Allies acting as a task force known as the SRAT. The Supernatural Response Attain Team. They were the first to deal with the Abigar and his supernatural division. What made him so perfect for the job? Well it was simple he was Lucifer's top lieutenant when it came to war, planning and all. The first time they dealt with Abigar was a disaster. The division already field testing the new Panther II tanks along with a supersoldat. The team got there ass kicked and including one of the Angel's was even killed in the first battle. And things would only get worse as more monstrous vehicles and technical advantages were being churned and set out. And not to mention the experiments Abigar was conducting with Demon blood, making werewolves as they replaced guard dogs as they weren't needed anymore. Vampire blood being injected as well. Giving them advantages to become the ultimate soldiers at night.

But it was like every underdog fight. They learned from there mistakes. And adapted fighting and learning what the experiments were and how far they were going as they started disabling the Gernan war machine. That was until the final one where Abigar was hiding out. It was an all or nothing scenario. It looked like it was turning out just like the town. Nazis were being killed, tanks blown up but the team was dying 1 by 1. Even the Angel's that had volunteered were dying one way or another as well. Then it came all the way in the end as all it had begun for Connor. It was him and Abigar left. The two sides of the war fighting on the outside and all around the base. This time though he vowed it would end differently. The fist fight was long and brutal and both were bleeding profusely. Connor was losing it and Abigar was gloating, over what he assumed was a easy kill. As he slowly walked over and picked Connor up by his throat. Slamming a knife into his chest, upon closer look he realized it was his own all that time ago. Connor though, instead of trying to grab the knife pulled out the angel sword and plunged into Abigars chest, right where his heart should have been. With him bleeding out, not having any allies close by with it continue to fight outside he crawled over to the comms station and ordered all allies to evacuate before giving the signal for the bomber and battleship bombardment. 

Now having died twice and gone back to heaven he didn't remember it like last time. It was almost like he blacked out at first. But what he didn't remember was that for his actions continuously trying to protect the good and innocent he was injected with Angel blood. He wasn't an angel but more like a hybrid with the ability to be able to fight alongside them with some of the perks including increased metabolism, speed, healing, strength, endurance, and stamina as just some of the advantages. He waited in Heaven for nearly 70 years before he saw how bad Earth was starting to become again with the rather dark and twisted creatures of the night. So he volunteered to go back down. To try and help protect and save as many people as he could. His wish surprisingly was granted. Though he didn't know what he was, they did and along with that knew he was being sent down for a reason. Upon arriving on Earth he was set up with a few things. A home, vehicle some cash and clothing, equipment. To help him atleast get on his feet and adjust to the world so he could do what he was sent down for.


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