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09/06/2019 07:47 PM 

September 2019 Drabble

Summertime blues--

Summer time is ending and fall quickly approaching, we decided to base this months drabble around song lyrics! That’s right you heard us. Bring your favorite song to life. Incorporate any lyrics to any song you please! We want you to conjure up a drabble that brings in these lyrics of the song and create a telling of something that may have occurred in your characters life. Let's see this masterpiece! What song will you choose? We would love to hear it!  How does your character relate to this song? How does this song move your character? Why did this song have so much impact on your character? 

Thank you Hayley for the suggestion!

This is due by September 30th by 11:59 PM EST.


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Diving Bell

In my mind, endless sea

Calling from the bottom but you don’t hear me

Immortality. Some would say it was a lonely venture through centuries of endless torture. When Elijah Mikaelson was plunged into this dark, endless path, he had no idea what to expect. What the bloodlust would involve. While his siblings were slowly losing themselves over the years, their older brother was the one that was forced to hold himself together. He was forced to remain calm and hold himself to such standards that his siblings could never live up to. But no one dared to ask how Elijah felt through all of this. Everyone expected him to be fine, but he was not. Everything that he had been through over the centuries affected him one way or another. Each life that he took ended up behind something that was buried in the back of his mind. The Red Door. Each life he took pushed him deeper to the edge. People feared him. He was a monster. He was the creature that people feared. A part of him enjoyed knowing that. Knowing that he was able to instill fear in people.
Send your line down to me

Meet me on the surface I will never leave

For so long, Elijah only truly relied on himself. There were moments when he did rely on his siblings, but he felt like he could not really trust anyone outside of them. There were so many moments throughout history when he had been betrayed by someone that he thought that he could trust. Someone that had a hidden agenda or secretly hated the Mikaelson family deep down and wanted revenge. That was why he mainly kept to himself, but Hayley Marshall was different. He got to know her while she was carrying his brother’s child. She was thrown into their mess unintentionally and Elijah wanted to make sure that he was there for her. Of course Klaus immediately thought that he would be a threat, which was why he daggered him and handed him off to Marcel at first. Klaus and Elijah always had a rocky relationship, especially when it involved someone getting in the middle. But Hayley was different. She wasn’t like the others. He and Hayley began to grow close and care for one another.

In my mind, endless sea

Calling from the bottom but you don’t hear me

What did he do to deserve Hayley’s love? Elijah always thought that he was incapable of finding love or keeping it because of everything that he had been through. But then he met Hayley. At first, he pushed down his feelings because she was having a child with his younger brother despite the fact that it had been a one-night stand. He then kept his distance because he knew that Niklaus would never approve of the relationship. After all, he hurt every single person that Elijah grew to care for. He didn’t want Hayley to be caught up in the crossfire even though she was the mother of her and Niklaus’ child. At the end of the day, his younger brother didn’t care who he hurt, which was why he killed Gia in front of Elijah. But then there was a moment when he simply did not care anymore. All he wanted was to have Hayley for himself and he was not going to allow his brother to dictate that aspect of his life anymore. Eventually he approved of the relationship, but Elijah should not have sought Klaus’ approval in the first place. Hayley was the one that made him happy. The first person that he put above his siblings. Above Klaus. She meant so much to him.
Send your line down to me

Meet me on the surface I will never leave

When Elijah was trapped by the Hollow, he didn’t see a way out. The original was incredibly weak and he was unable to leave the circle that was around him because the Hollow had placed a strong barrier spell around him. But when he heard Freya rush to him, he slowly looked up to look at his older sister. “Freya..” He barely got out her name. “Shh. I’m here. I’m going to get you out of here.” She said in response as he lowered his head. She began to chant some words, but she quickly stopped. “Dammit.” She muttered under her breath as Hayley quickly made her way into the room. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she looked at Freya and then turned to look at Elijah. Her eyes widened due to witnessing his beaten form. “It’s a strong barrier spell used from old magic. It’s going to take me a bit longer than I thought in order to break the spell.” She responded and Hayley sighed. “Well hurry. We don’t have much time.” She said as she kneeled down. “Hey. We’re going to get you out of here, Elijah. Just hold on.” She said and he slowly looked up to look at her face. Her expression had a look of concern. She was worried about him.

Just one time. All I need

Calling from the bottom but you don’t hear me

While Freya was continuing the spell, the Hollow appeared inside of the room. With her magic, she threw the jar that Freya was holding across the room and the witch quickly ran to scoop up what she could. The Hollow began to chant a spell in order to sacrifice Elijah. He could feel himself weaken further and he reached out his hand to Hayley. “Hayley!” He called out to her while she tried to reach for his hand. Klaus came barging into the room. “Freya! You have to place his soul inside of your pendant!” He said and his older sister nodded before taking hold of her pendant. She began to close her eyes and she started to chant the spell. The Hollow continued to chant her powerful spell and within seconds, Elijah’s body was destroyed and the Hollow disappeared. Hayley’s eyes widened as she quickly rushed over to Elijah, placing a hand on his cheek. “Did you do it? Is he inside the pendant?” She asked and Freya looked down at the pendant in her hand, but it was shattered. “The pendant broke.” She whispered as her hand wrapped around the pieces once more. Elijah Mikaelson was dead.

Stuck in time. Stuck in me

Broken on the bottom like a refugee

All Elijah could see was darkness as he floated through the abyss. He could faintly hear the shouts of his siblings and Hayley as they called his name, trying to reach him. But the original vampire was too far gone. He could not acknowledge them. What felt like an eternity had passed. Elijah stood at the end of a white hallway. Numerous closed doors filled the hallway, but the only door that stood out was the one that was at the end of the hallway. The Red Door. The door that held all of his darkest and most gruesome memories. It held back his demons. The vision of what Elijah truly was beneath all of his immaculate suits. It was the door that he did not want to open, but his legs betrayed him. He slowly made his way towards that door as images filled his mind. Memories of the moments he had with his siblings. The pure moments that he had with Hayley. He never thought that he deserved her, but she loved him anyway. They made a good team. Or so he thought anyway. There was a slight shiver that ran through his body as he made his way towards the door. Elijah didn’t want to face his inner demons. He was not ready to open that can of worms. But it looked like he had no choice. There was something that was completely wrong with him. As if a part of him was fractured. Broken. He was stuck inside of Freya’s pendant, but the structure of it shattered and took Elijah’s soul with it. So Elijah was retreating to the darkest part of his mind. With a shaky hand, he took the handle of the door and slowly opened it. He could hear the darkness call him. His eyes closed as he stepped through the door.

Elijah, welcome home.

The door shut behind him and the original vampire was engulfed in darkness and the blood-curdling screams of his victims.

Posted on Mon Sep 30, 2019, 20:01

the huntress.


// Link to my drabble.

Posted on Sun Sep 22, 2019, 08:19

Daggered ʰᵉᵃʳᵗ


-- Link to my drabble.Fair warning. It's got music playing in the background. 

Posted on Wed Sep 11, 2019, 06:25

d e a t h valley.


If there was one thing that Alexander missed about the twentieth century, it was the availability of music – or the lack of. Though it was just as important, music was always a conscious choice. You could choose to attend places, where the halls echoed, and people danced, and you could choose to allow music into your home. It was beautiful because it was understated and appreciated because it was something to seek. The twenty-first century had obliterated the luxury of it and Alexander hated it.

It was impossible to escape. Shops, elevators, offices, foyers, airports, cars, radios, mobile phones – it was endless. For Alexander, there was little appeal to being bombarded with songs that claimed to be unique when in fact it was a struggle to define where one song ended, and another had begun. Eternity may have been accompanied with many great and exceptional things, but the evolution of western music was most definitely his least favourite.

A small and defeated sigh escaped his lips as he heard movement behind him. Elena.

“Don’t you dare.” Alexander warned, turning his head sharply as his gaze locked on the record player in the corner of the room.

“What? You mean, play music?” Elena questioned, a sly smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

“You know I can’t stand listening to it.”

“You need to integrate.” She continued. “If you’re going to be sticking around, you’re going to have to learn to love a party – lots of parties – lots of loud and noisy parties. You are living in the Salvatore house, after all and you’ve met Caroline, right?”

Her words caused Alexander to groan and he turned to face the window once again.

“Not today, Elena. Please.” He murmured back, tugging at one of the silk curtains until it fell shut.

His words fell on deaf ears though, as within moments of his interjection, he began to hear the heavy bass of a band, bouncing from the wooden walls.

“It’s not always a burden, you know. Sometimes it can help you…move on.

Alex stayed silent, not wanting to even entertain the idea. What was it anyway? Moving on. People around him spoke about it like a task he was capable of handling, but it was the very last thing he wanted to do. He didn’t want to move past the death of Lexi nor the consequences of his most recent ripper failure. He wanted to feel, and he wanted to suffer. He deserved it, every moment of it.

A heavy hand fell on Alexander’s shoulder, pulling him from his thoughts and causing him to flinch in response. Over the beat of the music, he hadn’t heard Elena move across the room. His mouth fell open to snap again, but Elena interrupted.

“Just let it play. If in ten minutes, you don’t want to listen anymore – you can turn it off. I won’t stop you.”

And with that, she left the room – leaving Alex with nothing else but the highly irritating shrill of a singer’s wailing.

After a few moments, he began to move across the room. He’d heard enough. Ten minutes? Not a chance. Thirty seconds had proved more than enough.

As he extended his hand to release the needle from the vinyl, a lyric caused him to freeze.

I've got the feeling that this will never cease.

Living in these pictures it never comes with ease.

I swear if I could make this right,

You'd be back by now.

Tonight, I'm screaming out to the stars,

I he knows he owes me a favour.

It doesn't matter where you are,

You'll be mine again.

It was as though someone had landed a punch to his stomach. “Lexi…” he whispered, before falling to his knees. With everything that had consumed him lately, he hadn’t been able to enter a space in which to grieve her loss and like a moth to a flame, the song had compelled him into it – suddenly and without warning. He felt it burning, tearing him apart from the inside. A sob wracked his body as he ripped his hands through his hair.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He repeated, violently tugging at his hair, as though causing himself physical pain would distract from the mental.

“I failed you.”

Posted on Sat Sep 07, 2019, 11:15

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