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sweet little lies.

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August 23rd, 2019

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August 06, 2019



08/13/2019 09:57 PM 

like the ocean.

“alright, i know that look. what’s on your mind?” 

she could feel the glare of her best friend etching through her skin, as her own gaze peaked out at the ocean that swayed in the distance. a deep inhale of salt through her lungs, chocolate coated hues focused on the blurred gold reflection of the stars against the dark ocean water. “do you ever just look at something.. and all these memories and thoughts and regrets swarm into your mind, and it drives you crazy because that one person drove you absolutely crazy. but when you see that one thing that reminds you of them, it’s like an emptiness in your heart and it’s like you can’t look away because it’s almost as if that’s the only piece of them you have left..” she was rambling, finally exhaling into the night air as she pulled her knees to her chest. 

he reminds you of the ocean?

he crashes over me like the waves. slowly, and then all at once.


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