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08/13/2019 04:36 PM 

Drabble Prompt #2

Feat: Mia Harris/Blackout
Prompt 2
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
If there was one thing that the oldest Original Vampire knew, it was how cruel that humans could be to one another.   He’d seen the depths of this cruelty in Japan during the repeated incursions into China in the 1930s,  the streets of the cesspool called London in the early days of the Industrial Revolution and even the Spanish Inquisition itself.    Humans feared what they did not understand.  Fathers tended to be exceptionally cruel to their children when they were different.   Elijah exhaled a shaky breath.   His own father was the greatest shining example of that barbarism.

Throughout his long life, Elijah Mikaelson had tended to the caretaker and protector role over his siblings.   Granted Niklaus had a more stern hand over what was right and proper in his eyes for his siblings, Elijah tended not to be quick to dagger anyone although it wasn’t always out of the question for him.    He relied more on his gift for words and persuasion to convince the children to see him as a father figure and protector.  It was a role that was perfect for the oldest Original Vampire.

It was on the streets of New Orleans that Elijah met the young witch named Mia Harris.  The child had ran from her home to leave behind a particularly cruel and malicious father.   A pickpocket had run into Elijah attempting to make off with his wallet when Mia stopped the would be thief with a minor bit of magic.   Of course, Elijah could have used his own vampiric speed to retrieve that which belonged to him, but sensing a source of magic nearby, he’d allowed the witch to make herself known to him.  How better to do that than a friendly stroll in the French Quarter?

The pickpocket had fallen straight away into a pile of excrement from a dog or some such animal as the result of her spell leaving a smile upon her face.   “I’ll take that.”   She lifted Elijah’s wallet from the thief’s hands with a proud smile upon her face.

Elijah stepped up beside her with a smile of his own on his face.  “Quite a handy bit of spell work there young lady.”   He spoke with a soft voice not allowing anyone to hear that wasn’t listening.

She handed the wallet back to its owner.  “It was nothing, really.  I’m Mia.”

“I’m Elijah.   Would you care to join me for lunch?  It‘s a public place, I assure you. ”  His augmented senses could tell that she was hungry.  Most runaways hitting the streets of New Orleans for the first time usually were.

She nodded at him slowly.  “Yeah. I mean.  I don’t want to impose…”

“No imposition at all, I insist.”   He smiled warmly at the young witch.   “This way…”


That was the beginning of the bond between young witch and vampire.   He’d taken to her just as he’d taken to Davina upon his initial return to New Orleans.  It took Klaus and his silver daggers for him to meet Davina.   All it took for him to meet Mia was a thief running off with his wallet.  

He had invited her back to their home since she had no place to go.   The occasional snide comment from Klaus was easily overlooked when his brother had brought in a fox that tended to use Elijah’s own suit jackets for napping and his trousers as a scratching post.    He saw the fox as good for his brother since it kept him occupied from inflicting too much terror on his siblings and the general populace.   Elijah began to look at Mia as a surrogate daughter since it would be absolutely impossible for him to have a biological child.

It was breakfast time approximately one month after Elijah and Mia had first met.   It was over morning tea that the two had a chance to speak.  “Mia, I’m glad to have you here.  You’ve become like a daughter to me.  You’ve changed my life for the better.   I want to show you something.”   He pulled out an old book that had tarnished yellow pages and writing on each page.  “My mother was a powerful witch.  As long as you are here, you can have access to my mother’s grimoire.  You cannot leave here with it, but it will help you perfect your magic under my watchful eye.  What do you say?”

credit: james kriet


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