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08/13/2019 11:38 PM 

Optional task 07

Coming back to Hartsville was one of the hardest things Delilah ever had to do. She always looked forward to college, but she knew she couldn't be in Georgia any longer. Home was where she needed to be. She left behind a huge piece of her that she was sure she was never going to get back. She was a shell of herself, now. 

She was only home a few weeks when her mother had mentioned something to her about volunteering at the animal shelter, she had seen the depression over take Delilah and was desperate for her to get out of the house. "I really don't know how being around a bunch of unwanted animals is supposed to help me feel any better." She was still in bed, the same clothes she's had on for the past 2 days.

"Delilah, you stink. Get out of bed, get a shower, and get to the shelter. It'll be good for you." Her mother spoke firmly but her words were full of love. With a loud, long sigh Delilah got out of bed and followed her mothers orders. Within an hour she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and heading for the door.

"I'll be back soon, I guess." she didn't plan on being out for more than an hour. She was already thinking about what she was going to binge watch when she got back home. Little did she know that her saving grace was going to be waiting for her, her whole life was about to change.

As she entered the shelter door, she looked around. The smell welcomed her and almost made her turn on her heels. The sound of yapping dogs was like nails on a chalk board. I should have never came was the only thought running through her mind.

"You must be Delilah, your mother called and said you'd be coming. We're so happy to have you here. We just got a little of puppies surrendered and I need you to keep an eye on them while I get the kennels ready." It was a brunette woman, roughly her mothers age. She was way too happy and Delilah couldn't tell if it was an act or if this nightmare was consistent. The word puppies perked her up a bit though. She could handle being surrounded by puppies for a while.

The room she was lead to was the quietest room in the building. When the brunette woman opened the door, four chubby, bulldog puppies were sleeping in a pile. Immediately Delilah crept into the room for a better look. She didn't even notice that the woman had shut the door. She sat in the corner and watched them sleep. After a few minutes one of the pups woke up and his attention was immediately on Delilah.

Tiny little teeth knawel on Delilah's shoe, and she couldn't help but laugh at the mischievous pup. She was using her phone and taking pictures of and with the round bundle. It was as if little by little, the missing piece of her was slowly getting smaller. Before she knew it, the hour had passed and there was a knock on the door. This awoke the remaining pups who napped through the whole visit. The older brunette had returned after preparing a room for the pups. Delilah looked at the boy playing with her fingers.

"So, how soon can they be adopted out?" she asked standing up with the bulldog in her arms. She never thought she was a dog person until this day. Something about a ball of fur filled her with so much happiness. To her surprise, the puppies were ready to be taken to their loving homes and she didn't hesitate wanting to adopt her new friend. She was overjoyed when she was given the okay without needed to fill out an application.

The pup got a name, Brutus, and quickly became Delilah's best friend. With their time together she was able to function normally. Her depression subsided substantially, and she was able to move out of her parent's house. He loved anything Delilah loved. She always found him laying in front of the fridge in the kitchen, just waiting for her give him a popsicle, he loved eating them while laying in the sun in the back yard.

For the past few years, Brutus had been a constant companion to Delilah. She was always taking him to the dog park where he could run and play with other dogs and other people. She would sometimes even throw a frisbee for him to catch. He was a clumsy boy though, and playing catch wasn't his strong suit. He loved to chase the toy though.

It's hard to say where Delilah would be if she hadn't listened to her mother and gotten out of bed. She could have found herself committed to a facility or worse. Brutus could have actually saved her life. She doesn't tell him that, naturally. That's a lot of weigh to carry on broad puppy shoulders, but Delilah is pretty confident in the thought. Not only did he potentially save her life, but he is always around to comfort her from the thunder storms that come rolling through from time to time.


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